Abraham Cardenas browses some of the items available at a garage sale that is part of the All Marysville Garage Sale on Aug. 17.


More than 100 local homes took part in the All Marysville Garage Sale this year from Aug. 16 to 18.

The final count for the weekend was 118 garage sales across the city for the annual event which provides a weekend of bargain hunting for people all around the area.

This is the third year the event has been held in Marysville.

Dawn Danley, a community member and owner of Cee's Hair Cuts, said this was the first year she had participated and was excited to get her stuff out of storage.

"It's absolutely awesome," she said. "I just can't believe the amount of cars, it's been continual."

She was happy that a city garage sale was being organized locally.

"We knew Everett had one, but we had no idea Marysville had one until this year," she said. "But we heard about it this year and we've been going through our stuff and we're ready for tomorrow."

Community members also came out to shop around during the weekend.

"It's really cool. I like it so far and I'm having a good day," said local Nikki Wagner.

Although some of the shoppers hadn't heard of the event.

"We just came out because of this one, but now we know there's more we might go around," said local Abraham Cardenas.

He said he thought the idea of the All Marysville Garage Sale was a good one.

"I think it's smart because it creates a day for people to just go out and hit a lot of garage sales," he said. "Instead of going out and maybe hitting one, having a whole day for them makes sense."

Community member William Frankhouser is the main organizer for the event. He said he enjoys the event because it gets community members connected.

“A big part is just being able to meet your neighbors,” said Frankhouser. “These days it can be hard to get out so it’s good having people just in their neighborhoods allowing them to chat."

Frankhouser partnered with local businesses to put out more advertising this year, including the Fahlman Property Group and the WhisteStop Sweet Shop.

The advertising went around to other nearby places around the county such as Lake Stevens.

“This also brings people outs of the Marysville area into town,” said Frankhouser, which is good for the community.

He said many of the people who held garage sales during last year's sale returned this year to put on another sale.

“We definitely had some people call up in the spring because they wanted to sign up as early as possible," he said. “I like just the excitement of the community members wanting to sign up.”

Those who registered their sale for at least one day of the event got put on an online map to help guide people to various garage sales.

More information about the event is available on their website at

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Thanks for the coverage and support of this years community event again! [beam]

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