After years of supporting fundraising for a Haller Park splash pad the Arlington Rotary helped put in some of the final work for the project before its opening.

The splash pad grand opening is scheduled for May 23.

Rotary members came out on May 11 to help put in sod at Haller Park around the splash pad.

The park's irrigation system and concrete structure has been put in place and most of the work for the splash pad is done.

"They worked out all the bugs yesterday, and they got all of them out except for one small thing," which wouldn't interfere with the grand opening, said Jim Kelly, Rotary member and the city of Arlington's Public Works director.

The remaining work that needs to be done is more sod, pedestrian lights that need to be installed, landscaping, and some aesthetic staining of the concrete at the splash pad, said Kelly.

"The concrete is going to replicate the Stillaguamish River, with different colors of blues and aqua blues," said Kelly.

"I really like the design they have going on here with raccoons and designs that are representing Arlington," said Arlington Rotary member Steffen Emard, who helped volunteer lay sod. "I think it's going to be awesome."

The Arlington Rotary has worked to raise funds for the past few years for the splash pad through community organizations and through their annual Duck Dash fundraiser.

Kelly said that many community organizations came together to provide a splash pad and he wanted to thank those organizations.

The Stillaguamish Tribe was the largest donor with $550,000 and a Washington state grant also covered a large amount of the project that came in over $1 million.

"The Rotary has been involved with Haller Park for a very long time and a lot of that time was spent fundraising," said Kelly.

"I think it's very due that we get to help with some of the last finishing touches here before they open it up to the citizens," he said.

For the Rotary, Haller Park has been a focus for a while now.

"I'm excited. My kids can't wait to get out here. They love the park we added here a while ago and to add this splash pad is going to be another big addition," said Jessica Ronhaar, a member of the Arlington Rotary.

The splash pad was an idea to further improve the park to provide a safe place to play in water during the summer heat.

"I think we were looking for a different outlet for people with water besides the river, where accidents can happen,"  she said.

She also expects that a splash pad will make Haller Park much more popular in the region as a whole.

"As we're trying to make Arlington a destination location, this will become a destination to come to and help the businesses downtown as well," said Ronhaar.

"This park is going to be a fantastic community asset, but not just for the Arlington community, for the entire region and anybody can come down here," said Kelly.

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