A construction crew works on installing equipment on Oct. 28 for one of the dining options at the new Quil Ceda Creek Casino facility planned to be open early next year.


The Tulalip Tribes' new Quil Ceda Creek Casino is nearing completion as construction is being finalized in many parts of the new facility.

Officials said the casino is on schedule to open sometime early next year.

"We have 126,000 square feet of gaming space," said Belinda Hegnes, interim executive vice president of Quil Ceda Creek Casino.

That additional room will include space for 500 additional slot machines and more table games.

"It's not really going to be different, it's going to be more. We're taking what's already successful at the old Quil Ceda Creek Casino and expanding it," said James Ham, executive director of operations for the new casino.

That expansion will include new slots as well as three new tables for table games.

"I think they'll like what they have been liking. There's a new environment, a raised floor and a forced air system which will clear out the air on a quick, easy basis," said Ham.

Quil Ceda Creek Casino has been the smaller, more regional casino for Tulalip, compared to their Tulalip Resort Casino.

"Quil Ceda Creek is a local casino. Our gamers love to be in a fun, friendly, comfortable environment," said Hegnes.

She said that when building a new casino that leadership got the opinions of the current clients.

"We talked with hundreds of our guests in focus groups," said Hegnes.

"We've taken that information to create this new gaming and dining casino for them," she said.

The location is close to the old casino and will have a parking garage and a total of 700 additional parking spots.

Entertainment and dining options will also be expanded.

"There's a lot more variety in terms of what we currently have," said Shane Warbus, food and beverage assistant director at the casino.

The food hall currently has a number of options available from sandwiches, frybread, burgers, steaks, fish, pizza, and pasta.

There is also a sit-down restaurant, called 'The Landing," which has a canoe journey theme.

"These [wall mountings] are going to house hand-carved paddles from local artists," said Warbus.

The ovens at the casino are using new technology as well that will reduce the amount of energy required to operate them.

"We're using windspeed and induction technology, so it's a green environment," said Warbus. "That's a lot cleaner for our team members to work in as well."

The Quil Ceda Creek Casino has begun hiring to fill some positions for its new, expanded casino, said Hegnes.

"With the new QCCC casino there will be 200 additional job opportunities for our Tulalip residents and Snohomish County citizens," she said.

When construction was begun on the casino in December 2017 the plan was to open it in 2019, however construction delays slowed down the project.

"Construction is on schedule. We're still planning to open Q1 of 2021," said Hegnes, who added the sidewalks are currently being finished and parking lot spots are being striped.

"The garage is complete but we're still working on the connector where you can enter from the south side of the casino," she said. "This is a very exciting time for Tulalip. We've been in the gaming, entertainment and hospitality industry for 37 years now."


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