Kayla Bouslaugh drops her ballot off at the county ballot drop box near Marysville City Hall on Nov. 3.


Snohomish County residents affirmed many incumbents for local state legislature races while voting mostly for Joe Biden on the presidential ticket.

The county reported 83.58 percent turnout for registered voters, which is the highest turnout locally since 2008 when the county reached 85.21 percent.

All vote counts below are reported as they were on Nov. 9.

Federal Seats

Snohomish County voted for the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with 58.41 percent of their votes. 

The majority of news outlets have declared Biden the victor and he has 50.65 percent of the national popular vote.

Incumbent Democrats Rick Larsen and Suzan DelBene will retain their seats in the U.S. Congress.

Larsen, who represents the 2nd Congressional District, which covers most of Marysville, Tulalip and Arlington, won with a total of 63.743 percent approval including 61.58 percent approval from Snohomish County voters.

DelBene represents the 1st Congressional District, which includes some parts of Arlington and outlying areas. She received a total of 58.5 percent approval including 53.65 percent of the votes in Snohomish County.

Statewide Elections

Incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee was re-elected as Governor of the state.

Statewide he received 57.02 percent of the vote and 56.21 percent approval in Snohomish County.

Referendum No. 90, which would retain a measure passed by the state legislature requiring sex education in schools, received similar support, with 58.02 approval statewide and 56.06 voters in favor in Snohomish County.

Legislative District 38

The 38th Legislative District covers south Marysville, Tulalip and north Everett.

Incumbent Democrat Mike Sells retained his seat while Democrats Emily Wicks and June Robinson retained seats they were appointed to earlier this year.

State Sen. June Robinson received 58.84 percent of the vote.

"I will be focused on our control of and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  I will be working to find adequate funding for our public health system in Washington State," she said.  

Recovery from the coronavirus is one of her priorities, she said.

"I will also be working to bring investments and supports that our communities need to recover from the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, including relief for small businesses, improvements in child care, food assistance and rental assistance for our neighbors who have lost their jobs during this challenging time," said Robinson.

State Rep. Emily Wicks will take her seat with 58.91 percent of the vote.

"I’ll be focused on containing and defeating COVID-19, rebuilding our economy by supporting local businesses, and ensuring our people have access to health care, child care, jobs, and the financial resources needed to successfully participate in our recovery," said Wicks.  "I’ll also be working on investing in and promoting transportation projects and local infrastructure projects that help us create connected."

With 66.92 of the vote State Rep. Mike Sells will return to the state legislature.

Legislative District 39

The 39th Legislative District covers much of Arlington, as well as Granite Falls, Monroe and Sedro-Woolley.

All three incumbent Republicans won their races.

State Sen. Keith Wagoner will return with 64.84 percent of the vote.

"When we return to Olympia, our priority must first be to address our budget deficit in a way that protects our most vulnerable people and critical public programs; difficult choices will have to be made," said Wagoner. 

Responding to the pandemic and the governor's emergency powers was also important to Wagoner.

"Secondly, it is time to get Washington back to work in a strategic manner that recognizes not only the dangers of COVID-19 but also collateral damage caused by the 'shutdown.'  Third, I believe there will be bipartisan support for a fine-tuning of the governor’s emergency powers to ensure the legislature’s constitutional role is appropriately respected in the future," he said.

With 63.01 percent of the vote, State Rep. Carolyn Eslick will retain her seat.

"My top legislative priority in 2021 will be creating a budget that can withstand these uncertain times. The long-term fiscal challenges created by COVID-19, along with the accompanying, and significant, state revenue shortfalls will require lawmakers to make tough choices," she said. 

Eslick hopes to work on issues like mental health support as well.

"I’ll also be focusing on unemployment insurance issues, local transportation projects, and increasing healthy outcomes for children experiencing mental illness," she said.

State Rep. Robert Sutherland will return to his seat as well with 60.02 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 44

The 44th Legislative District covers some neighborhoods of southeast Marysville, such as the Sunnyside neighborhood, Lake Stevens and other areas of the county.

Incumbent Democrat John Lovick will retain his seat while Democrat April Berg likely has won the seat vacated by former State Rep. Jared Mead.

With 57.17 percent of the vote Lovick will return to the state legislature.

"Day one, I am formally introducing my widely supported draft of a bill that calls for the creation of a Statewide Pandemic Preparation and Response Task Force. The task force will tell us what went right, what went wrong, and what must be better," said Lovick.

The response to the pandemic is one of his top priorities, he said.

"Our state did a lot better than others, but still there is much work to do if we are going to get our communities and economy back stronger, and safer," said Lovick.

April Berg is up by about 3,000 votes on her opponent Mark James with 51.79 percent of the vote and a likely victory.

“In Olympia, I will focus on protecting our social safety net as we recover from this public health crisis. Healthcare, education and economic recovery through investment in infrastructure will be my top priorities,” she said.

Legislative District 10

The 10th Legislative District covers the Silvana area, the Twin Lakes area, as well as Oak Harbor and Mount Vernon.

For the Senate race, incumbent Republican Ron Muzzall has 60.95 percent of the vote while Democrat Helen Price Johnson has 38.96

In the vacant Pos. 1 House of Representatives seat, Republican  Greg Gilday has 60.05 percent while Democrat Angie Homola has 39.71 percent. 

In the second House of Representatives seat, Republican Bill Bruch has 59.91 percent of the vote while  Democrat Dave Paul has 40.01 percent of the vote.

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