Post Middle School eighth-graders listened as retired deputy fire chief Tom Cooper explained the importance of the 9/11 Memorial on Sept. 11 at Station 46 in Arlington. 


It’s been 17 years but for many first responders the 9/11 terrorist attacks are as fresh as if they happened yesterday, and the stories of the heroes that day are as impactful today as there were on Sept. 11, 2001. This is what firefighters at Station 46 hope Post Middle School eighth-graders take away from their visit on Sept. 11 to the Arlington 9/11 memorial at the station.

“This was a huge event for our country, similar to the JFK assassination for my parents’ generation,” said Acting Fire Chief, Dave Kraski. “I want the middle schoolers to understand the magnitude of what happened on that day. There were hundreds of firefighters and other first responders who gave their lives so others could live.”

In 2011, four Arlington firefighters traveled to New York to transport back a piece of the World Trade Center. Through community donations, a 9/11 memorial was opened at Station 46 in 2014. Students watched a presentation and were able to touch a piece of the World Trade Center as they listened to stories of what happened on that day.

“It was pretty cool that the firefighters entered the buildings to help others escape,” said eighth-grader Chris Kurtzer. “They’re definitely heroes.”

The memorial is open 24 hours a day and is located at 137 N. Macleod in Arlington.

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