Local musician Marvin Edwards performs at the Marysville Strawberry Festival Talent Show auditions on May 8.


Auditions for the Marysville Strawberry Festival Talent Show were held on May 8 and 10 with many performers returning to take part in the show for another year.

The talent show has been a staple of the festival for many decades now.

“I enjoy it dearly and I like watching these kids grow up and get better and better every year,” said Marcy Giesler, who has helped organized the show for more than two decades.

“Some of them are really into it and progress with every show,” she said.

The event allows local performers to get up on the stage and perform.

“I was here two years ago but then I got sick for the actual show,” said Raya Jakobsen, who hopes to sing at this year’s talent show.

She said she wanted to be part of this year’s show because she loves singing.

“I have a passion for singing and I thought it would be fun,” she said. “I like performing because I feel connected to the crowd and it’s fun to sing to them and entertain them."

Musician Marvin Edwards said he has been taking part in the show since 1999.

“I sing in my car and I come here, so that’s two places where I’m allowed to sing,” he joked.

He started when he was a child and his father encouraged him.

“One day he knocked on my bedroom door hearing me singing and told me he knew a place up in Marysville I should sing,” said Edwards.

Edwards said he enjoys coming back each year to the talent show.

“Every year I see some bright shining future star here or just someone who has a lot of talent that inspires me,” said Edwards. “I just have a good feeling when I come here.”

Giesler said providing the show helps build local performers confidence.

“I think it helps their inner self come out,” said Giesler. “It’s amazing that they just improve and improve and improve."

She also enjoys how sharp the show’s production is each year.

“I asked my cousin to judge one year and he thought ‘oh, it’s just like a school talent show’ and when he got here he told me he didn’t realize it was such a big event,” said Giesler.

She is expecting 25 to 30 acts this year, including a number of new acts because of some local performers that are no longer able to make it because they went off to college.

The Talent Show will be June 13 at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School Auditorium at 6:30 p.m.

Winners from each category and age bracket can receive trophies, ribbons and/or prizes.

For about the past 25 years Gielser has been putting on the show and hopes to continue.

The annual talent show is part of the Strawberry Festival which returns in June this year.

Festivities start on June 8 with Kids Day at Asbery Field which includes some shows from kids performer Alex Zerbe.

The Funtastic Carnival returns on June 13, weather permitting.

The Strawberry Festivals Grand Parade happens on June 15 this year at 7:45 p.m.

A full schedule of events is available at maryfest.org.

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