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A rendering of what the new Quil Ceda Creek Casino facility will look like when finished.

Work continues on the Tulalip Tribes’ new Quil Ceda Creek casino which is now expected to be completed in 2021.

The construction saw some initial delays and was originally targeted to finish in 2019, but is now scheduled for early 2021.

The coronavirus did not cause any further delays in the construction project.

"Our project was deemed as essential for the Tulalip economy," said Belinda Hegnes, executive director of operations at the Quil Ceda Creek Casino.

"It didn't have an impact on the timeline, but it did have an impact on the way we do the work," she said. "Our contractors stepped up in the way they handle their safety."

The interiors are currently scheduled to be worked on through September of this year, with installation of the gaming and food services in the final months of 2020.

Tulalip officials also plan to have the parking lot and landscaping done by mid-fall, said Hegnes.

"We're really starting to visualize all the work that went into the design," she said.

Operations for the casino are also gearing up for the new facility. "We've been buying the slot games and the table games," said Hegnes.

In addition, employment opportunities are already popping up. "We are in the process of hiring our new team leaders," said Hegnes.

Tulalip's Quil Ceda Creek Casino has always been the smaller of its two gaming facilities and is meant to cater to community locals.

"I worked at the original Quil Ceda Creek Casino," said Hegnes. "It was really for our local gamers."

The original facility initially served as a bingo hall for the Tulalip community.

She said it was a place where the staff and regulars knew each other.

"They have a relationship with the team members," she said.

Hegnes said the Quil Ceda Creek Casino has built a loyal following and community over the years and has simply outgrown their facility.

"We have a lot of limitations at the current building," she said. "There was a lot we couldn't add such as more services, venues and more entertainment.”

Once the new casino is finished it will be twice as large as the current facility.

"It will really allow for growth on the gaming floor," said Hegnes.

The new facility will have room for 1,500 gaming machines and 16 table games, which is an increase of 500 machines and three tables.

A parking garage and parking lot will have about 1,700 stalls, which is an increase of 700 stalls.

Hegnes said the new casino is designed to bring all of the positives from the old building.

"When we were designing the new Q we wanted to bring over all those things that people liked, the services, the products and the slot machines," she said.

Food and entertainment options will also be at the new casino.

"Whether it be intimate or grab-and-go so that they can get back to the gaming," said Hegnes. Tribal artists are currently contributing to the design of the restaurants, she said.

The entertainment space will have live entertainment as well as televised sporting events.

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