Marysville Getchell High School’s Environmental Club is trying to reduce plastic water bottle waste at their school by raising funds for four water bottle refilling stations.

The club has begun collecting donations at

The crowdfunding website DonorsChoose doesn’t distribute the funds until a project is fully funded.

“You have to get enough to complete the whole program, or you have to give the money back,” said Beverly Mowrer, Getchell teacher and advisor for the Environmental Club.

The main goal of the project is to encourage students to avoid using plastic water bottles that are often thrown away.

“We won’t waste as much plastic if we encourage people to use reusable bottles,” said Environmental Club member Marissa Manley.

“Our overall goal is to reduce BPA-infused water bottles that get thrown away,” said Environmental Club member Chris Shreves.

BPA, or bisphenol A, comes from plastic water bottles and it can disrupt ocean habitats by getting into the water, said Chris Shreves.

Environmental Club member Marilyn Dotson said that the plastic that seeps into the water from the bottles isn’t good for human bodies either.

“When we drink out of the plastic water bottles instead of the metal ones, it puts plastic inside of our bodies. When we throw away those bottles that plastic goes into the ocean, so it’s a lose-lose,” she said.

The water bottle refilling stations will also be an improvement for students over the water fountains they use now.

“Filling up water bottles at the regular fountains is kind of annoying to do,” said Environmental Club member Trey Fagan.

Nicholas Shreves said that it can take up a lot of the passing period for students.

“We only have five minute passing time and filling up water bottles right now you have to sit at the water fountain and let it fill up. That also creates puddles most of the time and we’ve had kids slip,” he said.

There are also sanitary concerns.

“Water fountains are a big cesspool of germs … so with this it will be better for the environment and for us,” said Environmental Club member Michael Hodges.

“This project is to allow students to have fresh, clean water,” said Environmental Club member Megan Ashlock.

Environmental Club member Morgan Wright began earlier this year raising funds to put in one station at the school’s gym/cafeteria building as part of a Girl Scout Gold Award project.

“Mowrer and I have been working closely with that so hopefully we’ll be able to put them in at the same time,” she said.

The club decided to take on the project of putting a station in every building at the school.

“We haven’t been going too long, but it’s pretty successful right now. Of course it will probably get stressful toward the end,” said Chris Shreves.

The crowdfunding has already raised enough for one station.

Environmental Club member Trey Fagan said they are getting word out and creating forms for students to take home to raise awareness of the project.

“Once that gets going I think it will be a lot better,” he said.

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