Marysville Boy Scout Troop 80 member Austin Hines carries a tree to be shredded at Jennings Parks during the troop’s annual tree recycling event on Jan. 4.


Marysville Boy Scout Troop 80 recycled Christmas trees from around the community during their annual service project they held on Jan. 4.

Troop members traveled around to various local neighborhoods to collect trees and also set up at Jennings Park to assist in shredding trees.

“We’re just collecting Christmas trees so they can turn it into sawdust for the park,” said Eagle Scout Austin Hines.

The event put on by Troop 80 helps local Scouts provide a service to community members.

“We really want to help,” said Molly McKinney, a Star Scout with Troop 80.

“We just want to provide a little community service. The city parks asked us, they need the sawdust and we need the work,” said Hines.

Part of being a Boy Scout is taking part in the community and helping out.

“It gives us the volunteer hours that are really needed,” said McKinney. 

The recycling effort also allows many of the Scouts to go out into their community and get to know more people.

“I think we like it because it really gets us out and about doing something in the public eye,” said McKinney.

“It’s a great way for the troop to get publicity so that we can get our name out there and more kids can join,” she said.

The recycling project takes a lot of preparation for the troop each year to put on right after the holiday season.

“In past years it took a lot of work because we’ve had to hand deliver our envelopes to each house,” although not as much work was required this year due to mailing out the flyers because of lack of volunteers.

Community members have a convenient place to get rid of their trees.

“It helps them by getting rid of their Christmas trees. The trees can just sit on the curb otherwise,” said Hines.

The troop works with city of Marysville staff to get the trees shredded into wood chips.

“All the trees get chopped up and turned into bark and that is put back into the park. It helps with maintaining the trails,” said McKinney.

The service is free for the community, although many locals donate to the troop for the service.

“The donations that are given help us pay for things that we need on our trips,” said McKinney. “Donations sometimes go toward trips that we can take, whether that be a Scout who can’t fully pay for their trip. It helps us with our equipment as well."

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