Following a successful reduction in property damage and injuries as the result of a citywide fireworks ban, the city of Marysville and Marysville Fire District remind residents that all individual use of fireworks is illegal. The fine for discharging consumer fireworks in the city will increase this year to $513, as previously announced. 

Since the ban went into effect in 2017, Marysville has seen decreases in the number of fireworks-related injuries, fires and other incidents. The Marysville Fire District did not respond to a single fireworks-related incident within city limits during the 2018 July 4th holiday. 

“It’s clear the fireworks ban is helping reduce property damage and injuries in our community,” Fire Marshal Tom Maloney said. “We appreciate our residents choosing to celebrate safely and ask everyone to again leave the fireworks to the professionals.” 

The fireworks ban prohibits the use, discharge, sale or trade of any fireworks, including sparklers and “consumer” fireworks, within city limits. People who violate the ban will face a $513 fine (increased from $257 in 2018) and possible jail time, depending on the violation. Any fireworks found will also be confiscated by Marysville Police, who will be conducting extra patrols on and around the July 4th holiday. 

City residents are asked to report illegal fireworks using the non-emergency phone line at 425-407-3999. To keep emergency phone lines open, please avoid calling 911 unless there is an immediate threat to life or property. 

The ban does not include authorized public displays by professional pyrotechnicians, as permitted by the Fire Marshal. For more information, visit or

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