Marysville Investigators, working with the Aberdeen Police Department, took 35-year-old Aberdeen resident Ryan Harless into custody on Feb. 13, 2019, for the 2017 sexual assault of an 11-year-old relative. That assault took place at the juvenile’s home in Marysville, WA. Harless was taken into custody by Aberdeen Police as he left work. Harless is currently employed as an elementary teacher in the Aberdeen School District. The Aberdeen School District was made aware of the arrest shortly after Harless was taken into custody. Records indicate that Harless has never worked for the Marysville School District.

Marysville Police became aware of the accusations against Harless on Feb. 7, 2019, when the victim’s mother, who still lives in Marysville, called the police. The victim who is currently living in Florida recently disclosed to his mother the assault. Marysville detectives worked with Florida law enforcement.

A second relative of Harless has come forward reporting that he was victimized by Harless several times between June 2004 and June 2005, when he was 11 years old and living outside Snohomish County.

Additional charges from the 2004 and 2005 assaults that occurred in the other jurisdiction are being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office.

Harless was transported from Aberdeen to the Snohomish County jail and booked on one count of Rape of a Child 1st degree, RCW 9A.44.073.

"This is still an active investigation, and as such there are still leads to be followed" said Detective Sergeant James Maples, of the Marysville Police Department.

"Our experience in cases of this nature is that there could be additional victims that have not yet come forward." said Marysville Detective Craig Bartl. Detective Bartl added, "We are asking that any victims please contact their local law enforcement agency and make a report." Those agencies can coordinate with the Marysville Police Department referring to Marysville Police case number 2019-00007572.

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