Marysville-Pilchuck High School seniors turned their tassels and walked across the stage at their graduation ceremony on June 12.

Principal Dave Rose congratulated the students on working hard to get their degrees.

“We are extremely proud of the persistence and growth you have demonstrated to be here today,” he said.

For student speaker Ivan Escalante it seems like not too long ago they were freshman.

“When we were underclassmen we were told that by the time you realized it you will be out of high school,” he said.

“I know I’m not the only one who will remember high school as a really big blur,” he said.

Now students will be moving on beyond school to new ventures.

“All the staying up late to work on a project, all that is over now,” he said.

“The time has come where we cross the finish line,” he said.

Escalante said that graduation was bittersweet because so much of the community they grew up together with will be over.

“We’ll have the freedom we always wanted, but there is no doubt we will miss the Friday night lights, cheering on our team, or going to homecoming or prom, or even just hanging out with friends,” he said.

“I hope you all cherish the moments that we have spent together,” he said.

Class president Leonardo Jaramillo said that school wasn’t just classes for many of the graduates.

“Our senior class has been involved with so much more,” including extracurricular activities, sports or drama club, he said.

He encouraged his fellow graduates to continue following the paths that will lead them to where they want to go.

“The choices you make today will shape your life tomorrow,” he said.

Valedictorian Brielle Sydow asked her class to continue looking for what their passion is.

Sydow said her passion is dance and “being able to do what I love to do taught me to work hard,” Sydow said.

The lessons she learned through dance came naturally because of her desire to do it, she said.

“Dance taught me to follow through on my goals,” Sydow said.

She also learned that “sometimes we need to take a step back and breathe. It taught me not to compare myself to others,” she said. 

Students also thanked the many teachers and other staff who helped the class.

“None of us could have made it here without your endless love and support, whether you offered us a snack when we forgot to bring our lunch, or just being someone to talk to,” said Sydow.

“Thank you to my friends, teachers and coaches for always supporting me along the way,” said Jaramillo.

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