Griffin Gagner, left, gets some Easter eggs from Mary Kirkland, owner of Hilton & Company, while participating in the Great Egg Hunt from the city of Marysville on March 26.


Marysville families are following clues to local parks and businesses as part of the Great Egg Hunt during this Easter season.

The event began on March 25 and will continue until April 5.

Families, individuals and other groups can register for $5 for one group at or by calling 360-363-8400.

After registering they receive a list of clues to Marysville locations to find eggs in local businesses and parks. Participants who take a selfie with every egg and send them to the Parks, Culture and Recreation Department online are entered into a prize drawing.

“We have already seen a good response from the community and a good number of families registering for this event,” said Andrea Kingsford, recreation supervisor with the city of Marysville.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the city’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department has been looking for events they can run under safety guidelines.

Their first city-wide scavenger hunt was in February with ‘Hearts in the Park’ and the city wanted to continue with an Easter event.

So far, turnout has been more than double of the February event.

“And we will continue to have people register throughout the event,” said Kingsford.

The city usually helps to run an annual Easter Egg Hunt at Jennings Park.

“We’re not able to do something on that scale this year because of safety regulations,” said Kingsford.

Instead, the city hoped to provide another activity that families and local businesses could participate in safely this year.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out into the community,” said Kingsford. “They can find businesses they may not know about or return to support old favorites."

Local business owners said they were happy to support the event.

“It’s something new and kind of fresh for the community. It gives us an opportunity to say ‘hi’ and make people aware that Hilton is still a store here, hopefully giving them a chance to come in,” said Mary Kirkland, owner of Hilton & Company.

She said it has been good to see community members come to her store.

“When we do this kind of event I’m always impressed with how grateful people are,” said Kirkland.

Owner of Brown’s Plumbing, Geoffrey Brown, said  he supports everything from the city’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department and from the local Marysville Rotary Club, who are also supporting the event.

“I think it’s great the Parks Department is doing it,” said Brown.

He said he has enjoyed families stopping by.

“We get to say ‘hi’ to them and we brought in all these treats for the kids,” said Brown. “I just had a couple in with three kids and they were new to the area and so they were happy to see us and find out what we do."

Local parent Cynthia Gagner said the event has been enjoyable.

“We’ve been having a good time. Something fun to do and different,” she said.

Gagner said local business owners have been happy to see families stop by.

“It’s fun to walk in because of the patrons that are there,” she said.

Treats were also available at many of the businesses.

“Many of the businesses participating will be providing treats to families that come by so I think the parents will be pleasantly surprised by that,” said Kingsford.

Kingsford said the city may hold another city-wide scavenger hunt in June.

The city’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department is approaching each month with new ideas to hold during the coronavirus pandemic, she said.

“I approach this year season by season and we plan events based on what we can do for the safety guidelines,” she said.

She wanted to thank the Marysville Rotary for helping with the event.

“They have been a longtime supporter of the Easter Egg hunts here,” said Kingsford. “And a really big thank you to the businesses who supported the event."

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