Marysville Getchell High School graduates reflected on the many memories they will hold of high school during Getchell’s recent commencement ceremony on June 12.

Students were excited to begin the next steps of their lives, but also talked about what they were leaving behind.

Class president Mikhail Montez wrote a poem for her speech.

“Goodbye to skipping class and laying on the couch because we were sick, goodbye to hiding our report cards and thinking we were slick,” she said.

“Goodbye to the sports we’ve done all whole lives,” she said.

The events and classes of Getchell have been part of most of the graduates' lives for the past four years, and Nathan Weller, a selected student speaker at the event, said “we’ll hold on to those memories forever.”

“Let us remember hilarious teacher moments, homecomings, TOLOs, prom, service projects, assemblies, band concerts, haiku competitions, snow days and half days,” he said.

Many have been in the Marysville School District longer than just high school as well.

Valedictorian David Samaniego talked about middle school memories like the decision to pick your high school.

“I remember the classroom I was in was buzzing with nervousness as we discussed and debated the options,” he said.

“And the weeks of anxious waiting to see if we had gotten into our first choice,” he said.

This year’s Getchell class also achieved a lot, said Principal Richard Zimmerman.

“We had multiple teams go on to compete at the state level,” he said, with 23 seniors receiving WESCO All-Conference awards, including nine First Team awards.

Through academic achievement and community service many students have received scholarships, and the total amount awarded is “approaching $1 million,” said Zimmerman.

Seniors also helped their fellow students this year.

“Our seniors instituted the Charger closet, a place where students on campus can equip themselves with clothes, backpacks, toothbrushes and anything else they need to be a successful student without worry about their ability to pay,” said Zimmerman.

Through all the success and work many of the students have become close and formed a community, said ASB president Tina Do.

“Some of us may have known each other since elementary school. Some we met just this year. But we all became family,” she said.

Now students will be leaving that community and school behind.

“Now it’s our time to step into the world,” said valedictorian Amalea Lovold.

“Now’s the time to find out what you want to do in your life and find your passion,” she said.

Zimmerman said that teachers were happy to have the Class of 2019 to teach.

“As a staff we are extremely proud of the efforts, persistence and growth that you have demonstrated to be here tonight,” he said.

Parents were also recognized for their efforts.

“Students would not have made it to this point in their lives without the love and support of their parents,” said Zimmerman.

“We can’t forget our families,” said Do. “Thank you for always pushing us."

Finally, students thanked teachers and staff for being supportive.

“Tonight is the night we say goodbye to our many wonderful teachers, staff, administrators, counselors, coaches and classmates,” said Weller.

“For the past 13 years we have been supported by our school district, schools, administrators, teachers and families,” Weller said.

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