The city of Marysville held its first public fireworks display for Independence Day in decades on this year’s Fourth of July.

Thousands of people came down to the fields at Marysville-Pilchuck High School to enjoy the fireworks display.

“It’s beyond our expectations right now,” said Jim Ballew, director of Marysville’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department. “We’re two hours away and we probably have 3,000 people right now."

Many people also watched the display from local neighborhood streets around the school.

Fireworks have been prohibited in Marysville since 2017, which led the city to consider of putting on an event themselves.

“With the ban in place there was a sentiment for the city to do something. We met and a committee formed and got together for six to seven months and committed to do this,” said Ballew.

The committee submitted an application for grant funding from the hotel/motel tax fund and received money for the fireworks, although not the entirety of the budget of the event, said Ballew.

In total about $25,000 was budgeted for the event.

Many local community members said they appreciated having a Marysville event.

“It’s great. We’d rather be able to do fireworks ourselves, honestly, but it’s nice of them to do it since we can’t,” said local parent Chelsea Coon.

Rhiannon Bucko said she hasn’t been in Marysville for a while and was excited for the show.

“I think it’s pretty awesome, and I’m looking forward to the show,” she said.

“I’m from Indiana so I’m excited to see how Washington will compare,” said attendee Sean Bussing.

Some community members also appreciated not having to drive elsewhere for fireworks.

“We’ve been going up to Anacortes for the last several years and we love the opportunity to stay here in town,” said local parent Ryan Schmitz.

Marysville brought in a prominent fireworks company for the event.

“We’re really glad to have Western Display. They are out of Oregon and are doing about 120 shows today,” said Ballew.

“We sent them a score for the music that is sort of a ‘Marysville score’ and they keyed it up to what they’re going to do,” Ballew said.

The band Babycakes was also brought in for live music before the fireworks show, and an inflatable bouncy house and obstacle course were brought in, among other games, for kids and families.

Ballew said he hoped that people enjoyed having a place to gather for the holiday.

“The fact that this community is getting together on the Fourth, that’s what this is really about,” said Ballew. “I think they like the fact that there’s somewhere to go and enjoy the holiday with some entertainment."

City officials plan to discuss if they want to bring back the fireworks display for next year, but Ballew said it could become an annual event for the city.

He also wanted to thank local organizations that helped provide concessions and volunteers.

“We’re grateful for Kiwanis, the WhistleStop and the LDS church,” he said.

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