Candy Troxel, a Marysville Community Emergency Response Team volunteer, helps distribute free masks to local families as part of a city distribution on July 9.

The city of Marysville has begun to distribute masks to low-income families that want them to help those in need stay safe.

"The state provided each jurisdiction with enough masks to meet the needs of our low-income families," said Jenn Brown, emergency preparedness coordinator for the city of Marysville. "We were given 27 boxes of masks to distribute our families within the city of Marysville that meet a low-income threshold.”

Brown said  the city wants to help provide safety supplies to those who need them.

"Our community is in need right now, we know that across the board, so any way we can help right now is what we want to do," she said. "The heart of the city is to meet the needs of our community at any time."

State officials have worked to procure masks for families.

"We're very lucky our state went to bat to get these masks for low-income communities all over the state," said Brown.

The city has begun a number of efforts to distribute those masks, including a drive-thru distribution on July 8 and 9.

"We've also partnered with the Marysville Community Food Bank and given them masks to distribute to our community, as well as the Salvation Army, St. Joseph's House and the Marysville School District," said Brown. "They're all working within their orbits," to find the best way to distribute them.

The city's recent mask distribution saw a lot of people come through the first day.

"We got close to 1,100 masks yesterday and we're hoping to do that many or more today [July 9]," said Brown. "We have five of our volunteers here helping out with traffic and handing out masks.”

They gave away two masks for each individual in the household.

"We also have a walk-up area so that if you're not in a vehicle you can still come out and get masks," said Brown.

With the remaining masks the city hopes to continue giving out supplies to families however they are able to.

"Anything we don't get through will continue to go out to our communities. We're not going to stop today," said Brown. "As long as supplies last we're going to keep handing them 0ut," she said. Mask are available at the Marysville School District, the Marysville Community Food Bank or by contacting the city.

"The storage of them is here [at City Hall] so we will always have the most to give away," she said.

She also wanted to thank the Community Emergency Response Team volunteers who gave their time to help giveaway masks for two days.

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