Producers and hosts of the show ‘Small Business Revolution: Main Street’ stopped by downtown Arlington to meet with one of the 10 candidates for season four of the reality TV show.

The show helps makeover six businesses in a community across America over a season and is available on the internet streaming service Hulu or at

Arlington was one of 20 candidates chosen from thousands of nominations in November. Last month it was announced that the town had advanced to be one of the top 10.

“I’m thrilled. We’ve already won because we get all this marketing and people are coming out to see what’s going on and support small businesses,” said Lisa Cisneros, president of the Downtown Arlington Business Association.

“I’m so excited. I think this is awesome for Arlington and the businesses,” she said.

Those involved with the reality TV show stopped by downtown Arlington on Jan. 3 to meet with local business owners.

“The secret is that you don’t need the show to continue the momentum you have built here in the last two months. You already have momentum and that is what attracted us to you in the first place,” said Amanda Brinkman, one of the hosts of the show.

The show will be hosting a free marketing seminar this May to help local businesses.

“It will give you a lot of those same building blocks that you see in the show,” said Brinkman. “If you’re a small business owner I highly encourage you to go."

Local business owners said they were excited for the possibility of recognition for the town.

“We’re such a tight-knit group that I can’t explain how cool it is to have them here,” said Amanda Haller,  owner of a local small business.

“You look at TV shows and say ‘wow, it would be cool to have Washington state in something besides ‘Cops,’’ so for Deluxe to be out here and say ‘we recognize you guys,’ I think that’s awesome,” she said.

The local business community is very supportive of one another, she said.

“If there is a day where any of these business owners are having a rough day … all they have to do is ‘wow, today sort of stinks’ and they have five or six people helping them,” she said.

Local small business owner Jennifer Bjornson hopes that the TV show can bring more attention to the historical downtown area.

“I’ve been a small business owner most of my life so I think it’s neat that we’re getting a little help. We have some vacancy downtown and it would be nice if we could fill that up because we’re more fun than that,” she said.

Cisneros said that the meet and greet with those involved with the show went well.

“It went really good. We’re going to have another one in the morning, but this went really well,” she said.

The show producers are meeting with all 10 candidates for the upcoming season currently and plan to narrow down the list to five sometime in mid-February.

After that a one-week public vote will be held, after which the final winner will be announced.

A total of $500,000 could be used to improve local businesses, especially the six that get chosen to be highlighted, if Arlington is chosen for the program.

“When they revitalize the six businesses it should be a ripple effect and help all the small businesses in the community and bring more attention to what we do down here,” said Cisneros.

More information about the show is available at

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