The Tulalip area saw about 40 individuals come to the Quil Ceda Village on May 31, but most claims of violent protest around the Snohomish County area appear to be internet rumors at this time.

The death of George Floyd, a Minnesotan black man who died while in police custody under charges of using a counterfeit $20 bill, has sparked outrage and protests across the county.

The Tulalip Tribes closed down areas around their two casinos and Quil Ceda Village on May 31 in response to information they received.

Officials say they believe individuals who came that night were primarily there not to protest but to vandalize and loot. 

"The people who came to Tulalip last night were not here to change the system. This was an attempt to loot and only targets the innocent," said Tulalip Tribal Chairwoman Teri Gobin in a statement.

She said the Tulalip Tribes stand with protesters seeking justice 

"We stand with George Floyd’s family and the families of every person who has been a victim of racial inequity and violence … our people have lived through oppression; we know this pain. My heart breaks for anyone who has lost a loved one due to racial violence," she said.

The Tribes do not want people who are coming to the reservation to cause trouble though.

"We understand that protest is sometimes necessary to create change. But we will not stand for those who come to pillage and perpetrate even more violence on our people," said Gobin.

In Marysville and Arlington rumors spread quickly about potential violent protests or looting, however at this time nothing has come of those rumors.

"There are lots of rumors going around and what is most frustrating is that we're seeing the downsides of social media," said Arlington Police Chief Jonathan Ventura.

"There's lots of people sharing those posts as if they were firsthand information," he said.

These rumors have caused a lot of people calling in to the police.

"It has generated a lot of phone calls to the department as well," said Ventura.

In Marysville officials are seeing many of the same rumors.

"We have seen a lot of info on social media," said Commander Mark Thomas of the Marysville Police Department.

"We saw a lot of info that would be concerning about potential looting," he said.

Thomas said the department does investigate those claims, although no criminal activity has come of those so far.

"We're looking at a lot of that info to see what may or may not be coming," he said.

Local law enforcement agencies are working together, along with the Sheriff's Office, said Ventura.

"So, we have a lot of intelligence sources," he said, adding the Arlington Police Department does have preparations ready in case any criminal activity does happen.

"We don't have any info about a credible protest being organized at this time," he said on June 3.

"There's been a few people holding signs here and there, but no organized groups of people," he said, and no criminal activity from those individuals.

In Marysville there has not been anything other than small groups as well.

"We have had some demonstrations and protests," said Thomas. 

"They were very respectful and appropriate and there was no negative connotations to those groups," he said. "We haven't seen the damage that some other communities have seen."

Thomas added the Marysville police will support the right to peaceful protest.

"We understand the community's outrage at this time and we support their right to be heard and that we need to listen," he said.

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