Callie Jackson, left, holds Ellie Jackson while purchasing some produce from Marilin Griego from Lopez Bros. Farms at the Marysville Farmers Market on June 22.


The Marysville Farmers Market opened for the season on June 22 while the Arlington Farmers Market opened earlier this month.

The two markets provide a place for local farmers and small businesses to reach community members.

Paula Pugh, vendor coordinator for the Marysville Farmers Market, said that this year's market will have vendors selling herbs, flowers, pastries, berries, jewelry soap and produce.

They also plan to have a food truck there most weeks.

She said that the market is focused on bringing produce sellers to Marysville. "We still have more farms than crafters," said Pugh.

The Arlington market also provides a variety of vendors for people to peruse.

"The Arlington Farmers Market is a wonderful opportunity for Arlington's small business owners to show their talent and get involved in the community," said Emily Levesque, coordinator of this year's Arlington Farmers Market.

The market will bring farm vendors along with arts and crafts to the area. There will also be a bouncy house there every other week.

The two markets provide residents with a way to support fellow community members.

"I like knowing that I am buying my food locally and that I'm supporting people who I live and work with," said local Callie Jackson.

Levesque said they hope the Arlington Farmers Market can help the small farmers in the area.

"We're finding new ways for people to come together and support each other," she said.

They also hope that the market will provide quality food to locals.

"Our main goal is to promote healthy living and happy living," she said.

There's also a community that forms from the regulars who come frequently down to the market, said Levesque.

"I think they like that everything is small town, hometown," she said. "It's all familiar. You get to know the people really fast."

Pugh also said that the Marysville Farmers Market is fun every year.

"I love the community atmosphere and that's why I've helped for four years now," she said.

The Marysville Farmers Market is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays at the Marysville Grocery Outlet at 9620-B State Ave., Marysville.

This is a new location for the market.

"The City Hall is moving further down to south Marysville and the building is going to be vacant. It was really a question of do we really want to be in a vacant lot," said Pugh.

The market is better served by being in an area that will continue to have foot traffic, she said, which will be the Grocery Outlet now. The new location also provides a fully paved ground surface as well.

"The other location had gravel and it was hard for strollers and walkers and people in wheelchairs, so the fact that we have a paved area that can be more accessible for handicapped people was a big goal for us," said Pugh.

The Marysville market will be open until Aug. 31.

The Arlington Farmers Market is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Legion Park on Saturdays.

Levesque said they hope to integrate with the other summer events being held this year.

"We're making a big push to work with the city and the other events that are happening downtown to make our events mesh a little more," she said.

They will be open until Sept. 7, although their final day will be special evening hours.


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