Arlington and Marysville Boy Scout troops helped recycle Christmas trees and support local parks during their annual tree collection events.

Troop members and parents from both communities picked up trees from around the cities on Jan. 5.

"We're going out in the community and collecting Christmas trees that will be recycled by the city," said Wanda McKinney, a local parent and one of the organizers of Marysville's event.

"We're going around collecting Christmas trees which are either left out on their curb or brought here [to Legion Park]," said Logan Korthuis, a Boy Scout and member of Arlington's Troop 29.

Both groups work with their cities to recycle the trees.

"They'll be chipped and going back into the park and into the walkways," said McKinney. In Marysville the mulch is being used at Jennings Park.

"They're going around to collect the trees and they're disposing of them at Twin Rivers Park," said Leana Korthuis, one of the organizers of the Arlington event.

"The city is going to be mulching them to use around the disc golf area," she said.

Troop members distributed flyers and have been informing locals about the tree collection for the past couple of weeks, so that people could leave their trees out on the curb.

On Jan. 5 the troops took trucks out to gather the trees.

"It's fun to do with friends, going around picking up the trees," said Ryan Goshorn, one of the Marysville troop members.

Sometimes the members bring back a dozen or more trees in the back of a truck.

"We like stomping on the trees so they can fit," said Madison Dawson, one of the Marysville troop members.

"It's like Jenga [a tile stacking game] with trees," said Marysville troop member Molly McKinney.

Dawson and McKinney also enjoyed seeing people coming out with their trees.

"There's a lot of people running out with last-minute trees and money," said Dawson.

"They're out there frantically taking off all their ornaments," said McKinney.

The annual event from local troops is meant to help local residents get rid of their unwanted trees after the holidays are over instead of simply throwing them in the garbage.

"This is a benefit so that we can get our Scouts out there in the community providing a service to those that need it," said McKinney.

"It's a service to people who don't know what else to do with their Christmas tree," said Logan Korthuis.

The public service also helps the local Scouts interact with their community and their neighbors.

"I think it gives them a chance to see how big their town is and go out and do a service," said Leana Korthuis.

"I think they get a lot out of it. They're getting physical activity and they're out there making friends," said McKinney.

Both the Marysville and Arlington troops participate in the tree recycling each year.

"It's kind of a tradition for them and they like being a part of that tradition and helping the community," said Leana Korthuis.


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