Lakewood High School’s drama department is presenting their fall play, a production of “Almost, Maine.”

The performances began on Nov. 1 and will continue with showings on Nov. 9 and 10, beginning at 7 p.m. at Lakewood High School.

The 2004 play by John Cariani has an ensemble cast and is made up of a number of short vignettes centering around the theme of love.

“It’s a bunch of short scenes about love and the trials and triumphs about it,” said Lakewood High School senior Sierra Maine.

The play explores many of the complexities around intimacy and infatuation.

“There are things that aren’t so pretty about love that we talk about that I think will hit pretty hard,” said Lakewood High School senior Lydia Nelson.

Maine said that some of the scenes can be heavy because of the real emotions that are involved.

“It’s emotionally exhausting,” she said.

The play also helps you reflect on your own thoughts about relationships, said Nelson.

“Learning from the play itself what you might want from love or might not want. They’re fake relationships but you still see the real parts of them,” she said.

There are also many moments of levity throughout the drama.

“I think the audience is going to like the humor,” said Lakewood High School senior Alex Williams.

“It’s not really the point of the play, but I’m hoping the audience will see those strong comedic moments,” he said.

Students and staff were able to pull together the play on a tighter schedule this year than what they normally have.

“This is such a hard-working cast and crew and we pulled this show together in about four to five weeks when we would normally take eight to 10,” said Emily May, director and teacher at Lakewood High School.

That was the most challenging part for many of the students, they said.

“You realize quickly how much more focus and commitment you need to put in to make it happen,” said Maine.

“It was so up and down sometimes that it was scary, but I’m glad that it’s not like that anymore and we’ve pulled through,” said Nelson.

The play has brought many of the students together, said Maine.

“Watching the people here grow with each play has been very inspirational,” she said. “You definitely become family.”

Nelson agreed that the actors get to know each other well.

“I love the people because we grow together as a cast and crew, and even if you don’t see them a lot you care about them,” she said.

For some actors, such as Williams, it was their first time involved in a play.

“I’m just enjoying learning how it’s done,” he said.

“I’m glad that I can say that I did it. It’s my senior year and I haven’t tried anything like this and I’m happy that I did,” he said.

This is May’s second year with the school and said she’s enjoyed helping the actors.

“It’s really fun working with students I worked with last year and getting to see them back again,” she said.

Showings of the play on Nov. 9 and 10 are at Lakewood High School’s theater which is located at 17023 11th Ave. NE, Arlington.

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