Kiwanis president Bob Nelson, left, Kiwanis member Terry Marsh, right,  and Arlington's community revitalization project manager Sarah Lopez plant a tree near City Hall to remember prominent Kiwanis member George Boulton on March 30.


Arlington Kiwanis members planted a new tree in front of City Hall to remember long-time Kiwanis and community member George Boulton on March 30.

Boulton passed away in March 2018.

"George was a fixture in this community," said Bob Nelson, current president of the Arlington Kiwanis.

"He and I had many talks about what it meant to be a volunteer here and he said he had many favorite things, first, his family; second, his church; third, the Kiwanis; fourth, Dollars for Scholars; and finally, everything else about the city of Arlington," he said

The local Kiwanis Club wanted to put something together to honor Boulton.

"Once they put the memorial in we wanted to honor George with a tree in this area, and working with Sarah Lopez [Arlington's  community revitalization project manager] we found a good spot for it here," said Nelson.

The Marley's Pink Japanese snowbell tree was put in at the City Hall plaza near Boulton's memorial that was put in by the Arlington Arts Council.

The tree blooms with pink flowers.

"It blooms around the May period, around George's birthday, so we wanted to honor him in that way," said Nelson.

"We looked specifically for trees that bloomed during that time," he said.

Boulton was the owner of Flowers by George on Olympic Avenue and an active volunteer for Arlington's service clubs.

"He was a founding member of Kiwanis and always supportive of anything we did," said Nelson.

"He almost served in every board position," he said.

Other Kiwanis members also came out to the planting to help remember Boulton.

"I love George. He was my mentor and he was great," said Terry Marsh, a Kiwanis member, who added he enjoyed the event.

"It's good to get people together with a little bit of sweat and little bit of love," said Marsh.

Denny Byrnes was a longtime member of the Kiwanis who is retired from the club now, but remembers Boulton and how much he gave to the city of Arlington.

"Watching how hard he worked was very inspirational. The community, as Bob said, was so much a part of his life and he was really the backbone of Kiwanis," said Byrnes.

He added that the current Kiwanis members are carrying on Boulton's legacy of working with the community.

"That's what makes this little town a great place to live," said Byrnes.

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