Jayce Titmus rides through the bicycle course that was part of the Arlington Community Bike Rodeo on June 22.


Arlington children rode around the free bicycle course at the Legion Park parking lot during the Arlington Community Bike Rodeo on June 22.

The event was meant to help kids learn about bicycle safety and receive a free helmet in the process.

It was organized by Arlington police officer Shelly Hamel who wanted to bring a bike rodeo to the town.

"I am new to Arlington but I've been a cop for 28 years. We haven't done a bike rodeo in a while so we decided that toward the end of the school year we would hold a bike rodeo to push toward summer," said Hamel.

She said that local organizations have helped a lot by providing many of the supplies.

"I think this community is really helpful. They came up with the bicycle helmets right away," she said.

Volunteers helped local kids with their helmets and made sure they were fitted correctly as well.

"We got free helmets for kids and donations all go to the Arlington Community Resource Center," said Hamel.

There were also eight bicycles that were donated and raffled off during the event.

Local parents appreciated the event for the free helmets and the bicycle raffle.

"We wanted to check out the rodeo and potentially win a free bike," said local parent Robert Wheaton. "I think this is great for the community, great for the kids."

Local children also had fun traversing the bicycle course throughout the day that ran through the parking lot.

"They seem to be digging the chance to win a bike and they seem to like the course," said Hamel.

Local parent Amanda Titmus said that her son had "been out here for 20 minutes" riding through the course.

"I think the event is cool," she said. "I like him learning how to ride his bike properly."

Hamel said that a lot of families had shown up to the event so far.

"I think it's great. There's been a great turnout and people showed up before 11 a.m. when the event was supposed to start," Hamel said.

As summer approaches Hamel said she hopes that kids take the safety tips to heart.

"I hope they get some bicycle safety tips and they learn from the coursework. And I hope that everyone is wearing their helmets while they're bicycling this year," she said.

Hamel hopes to bring the event back next year as well.

"We're planning on doing it every year," she said.

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