A Mexican tradition came to Marysville as local groups helped to organize the Kermes Community Fiesta event on Sept. 24.

The local Latino community came out to the event which was meant to continue recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The local Keep Dreams Alive Foundation and LINC NW helped to organize the event.

“This is our Kermes Community Fiesta,” said Dafne Powell, executive director of the Keep Dreams Alive Foundation.

“We want to celebrate our roots, our traditions and our food,” said Powell.

A Kermes Community Fiesta is a Mexican celebration that brings people,  food and games together.

“There’s not a specific translation for it, but it is like a festival that we used to have in Mexico,” said Powell.

The event traditionally has a “marriage booth” where couples can get faux married, which was brought over to the Marysville event.

“They always have the ‘hall of records’ at the festival so people think about who they can invite so they can get married,” said Powell. “It is just something that is fun to do."

Marysville’s event also featured games such as Mexican game similar to bingo which uses symbols instead of numbers.

“It is colorful and fun,” said Powell.

The Kermes Community Fiesta also featured local vendors that are owned by people in the Latino community.

“Everyone is going to the food,” said Powell.

Participants said they enjoyed the opportunity to go to the fiesta, especially for the food.

“It’s awesome. It’s great and it’s good to see all the people out here,” said participant Yami Ramos. “It’s the smells that I like, all the different smells of the food."

Local Yovana Arce also was happy to be at the festival.

“We just wanted to see the community and we like the food,” she said.

Other vendors at the event sold jewelry or other items.

“All of them are local entrepreneurs so we are giving them the opportunity to serve this community,” said Powell.

Powell said she hopes  the event can help local entrepreneurs in the Latino community.

“Being able to support them is important,” she said.

This is the first time the Keep Dreams Alive Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping the local Latino and migrant populations, has held an event like this.

“In Marysville we haven’t seen a lot of events like this. There’s always events in Everett, Lynnwood or Tacoma, so we want to bring the community together here,” said Powell. “We’re just trying to bring a little bit of us here."

She said the event went well.

“So far, we have good attendance and I’m happy and content with what we have so far,” said Powell.

“This is the first one, and hopefully we can replicate this soon in other ways,” she added.

Dia de Los Muertos is another celebration that they could organize an event for soon, said Powell.

“I’m super excited to hopefully do this more often,” she said.

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