The Arlington Public Schools Board of Directors voted on Sept. 28 to push the start of hybrid learning for kindergartners and first graders to Monday, Oct. 12. At its Sept. 14 meeting, the board voted to start kindergartners and first graders in a hybrid model on Oct. 5. 

“The board moved the start of hybrid learning for our youngest elementary students to give teachers more time to transition from full-time distance learning to a hybrid model,” said Arlington Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Chrys Sweeting. “We want to make sure this hybrid model is successful for our students.”

Starting on Oct. 12, kindergartners and first graders will be on campus for two days of instruction and three days of distance learning. Half of the students will be on campus on Monday and Tuesday and the other half will be on campus on Wednesday and Thursday to better comply with the COVID-19 health and safety measures as set forth in guidance from the Department of Health and Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Every day, families will attest that their child doesn’t have any symptoms of COVID-19. Every student and staff will have their temperature checked as they arrive on campus. At school, students and staff will be required to wear facial coverings and desks will be separated by at least six feet. Students will eat lunch in their classrooms and will play at recess with their own class. 

“As an elementary school principal and parent of two elementary-aged children, I am thrilled that we will have students on site soon,” said Eagle Creek Elementary Principal, Bethany Belisle.

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