Nola Russell, left, and Keith Russell look at some of the art available at the Holiday Garden Art and Crafts sale from the Arlington Garden Club on Nov. 20.


The Arlington Garden Club raised funds for their scholarships and community activities during their annual Holiday Garden Art and Crafts sale which returned this year.

The event was held on Nov. 20.

The local club brings together a number of local artists and craftspeople to sell handmade goods.

“We’ve got a wide variety of things in there for people to buy,” said Laurie Marshall, president of the Arlington Garden Club.

There are no commercial sellers at the event which features exclusively local arts and crafts including metal art sculptures, blankets, food items and garden art pieces.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said local Laura Warren. “I love the homemade stuff."

Local Nola Russell said she has been to the event multiple times.

“I love it,” she said. “I like the variety and that people have made it themselves.”

This year’s event brought a large number of people down to the sale.

“So far it’s going really good,” said Marshall. “Last year because of COVID we did not have this event, but I’m very happy with the crowd."

Club members were happy to be able to bring back the sale which they have held nine times now.

“Our vendors were so appreciative, especially because at the beginning of the year it was very iffy as to whether or not we would put this on,” said Marshall.

She said locals were excited for events to return to the community as well.

“People are ready to get out and do things in society again,” said Marshall. “This is just one way for them to do that."

The Holiday Garden Art and Crafts sale helps a lot of the vendors too.

“It’s great advertising for our vendors, as well as for the Garden Club,” said Marshall.

The event also helps raise money for the club which uses the funds for a variety of purposes around Arlington.

“The raffle proceeds go to high school seniors for college scholarships,” said Marshall. Those scholarships go to various school districts in the area, not just Arlington.

The club also works to beautify areas of Arlington.

“There have been a few parks that we have put in place with lots of plants and flowers. We take care of the Arlington Mayor’s garden,” said Marshall.

“Just a lot of community activities to make the community more beautiful,” she said.

More information about the Arlington Garden Club is available at

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