Fathers and daughters put on their best clothes and danced together as part of Marysville's annual Father-Daughter Valentine's Dance on Feb. 2.

A second set of dances is taking place on Feb. 9, however, they are already sold out.

"It's going wonderfully. Everybody is dancing and having a good time," said Marysville recreation coordinator Andrea Kingsford.

All four dances sold out again this year.

"It's such a popular event that it does it sell out very quickly and we're so excited to have everyone here," said Kingsford.

Many families return year after year to the dance.

"This has really become a family tradition for many of our Marysville families. We have had daughters who have grown up as part of this dance," said Kingsford.

"I was talking to one gal who was 12 and she has becoming since she was 3," she said.

For fathers and their children, it is a good event to spend some time together they wouldn't otherwise get to.

"It is unique for dads and daughters. Something special for them to do," said Kingsford.

"It's a great opportunity for dads and daughters to spend time together and for both of them to know how special they are," she said.

Many fathers said they enjoyed having the event to connect with their children.

"That's the best part about it, spending time with my daughter," said local parent Carl Zapffe.

The DJ from Sound Source Seattle also encouraged people to get out on the dance floor.

"Our DJ is amazing, he does a great job of keeping everybody dancing," said Kingsford. "Some of the dances he does are so fun."

Fathers said that dancing was one of the main draws for their children.

"It's awesome, the girls love it," said local parent Eugene Johnson.

"It's pretty good. She's having a blast it and loves to dance," said local parent Andrew Walther. "This is our first time. We're usually dancing in the living room."

The event also provides the daughters a chance to put on their best dresses for an evening with their fathers.

"The daughters love dressing up and they love getting on the dance floor with their dads," said Kingsford.

"It helps them feel like this is their special night," she said.

Kingsford wanted to thank all the sponsors who help make the event possible, including Gamut 360, Reece Construction, Bob's Burgers and Brew, Golden Corral, Marysville Kiwanis, Clear Image and Sound Source Seattle.

She also wanted to recognize the many local families who return every year.

"I really want to say thank you to all the dads and daughters who have made this part of their family tradition," she said.

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What a beautiful little girl and a handsome father😍

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