Kids came down to Legion Park to get face-painting, ride on slides and play games as part of the Family Festival held on Aug. 3.

The event was put on by the Jake's House Church in Smokey Point.

They brought inflatable slides, free face-painting, games, music, a dunk tank and free food to the downtown Arlington area for an afternoon of free fun for local families.

This is the first time that volunteers from the local church have worked to put on a 'Family Festival' event and they have been working for the past several months to put on something for the community.

"It was really a vision that I had that I couldn't get out of my head that we would do something down here for the city, just to bless the city and get everyone to come down," said Nancy Johnson, the outreach pastor at Jake's House.

Johnson said that the event was meant to help improve the community and give families a fun day at the local park.

"We just really wanted to honor Arlington and let them know that our heart is for families and for families to love one another," said Johnson.

Families said that they enjoyed the event and that it gave their kids a lot to do.

"It's awesome," said local parent Jonathan Pinder. "I like that it's for the kids."

Local parent Elly Kenna said that the event was fun. "They have lots of stuff for him [Elly's son] to go crazy with," she said. 

Johnson said that the event was called the 'Family Festival' because they wanted to focus on local parents and their kids.

"We really wanted to honor families and wanted to do a celebration for families so we have a lot of face-painting and balloons and all kinds of things for families to do for free," she said.

Jake's House volunteers provided free popcorn and fruit to many of the families that came by and the nearby Arlington Farmer's Market brought many more to the event.

"I think it's been amazing so far," said Johnson.

She said that the families have enjoyed all the free activities available and brought by Jake's House.

"The kids are actually getting their faces painted and there's balloons, and they get to play," she said.

Johnson said that they could put on another Family Festival in the future. "We're hoping to" do the event again, she said.

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