Evan True plays with some Lego figures next to a Lego castle at the city of Marysville's Ready, Set, Build on April 14.


Kids and families got to play with thousands of Lego bricks set up around the Marysville Opera House at the city's second annual Ready, Set, Build on April 14.

The city brings out professional Lego brick builder Dan Parker, of, several of his creations and multiple tables full of Lego bricks for kids to play with.

"We are having our second annual Ready, Set, Build going on," said Lauren Woodmansee, cultural arts supervisor with the Marysville Parks, Culture and Recreation Department. "The kids and parents are having a blast and all kinds of cool things are being built on both levels."

Local parent Jamie Adams said her son enjoyed the event.

"He just started getting into Legos about a month ago so this is everything to him," she said.

With thousands of Lego bricks available, there were a large number of pieces for the kids to work with.

"I think they like all of the amazing pieces here. There's so many different pieces you can use to create," said Woodmansee.

Local parent Jay Anderson said he liked the large selection of Lego bricks at the event.

"This is a cool little event. You can see all these kids really get to build," Anderson said. "It's what we do at home, and it's cool they have a lot more variety and he gets a lot of out of it,."

Woodmansee said that many of the adults got in on the fun as well.

"The kids are getting along and the parents are getting involved helping their kids build," she said.

On both the balcony and main floor of the Marysville Opera House, city of Marysville staff helped set up multiple themed stations where kids could build castles, spaceships, cars or whatever else they wanted.

"They can come over and go around to the different tables that they want to play at as they want," said Woodmansee.

This is the second year of the city of Marysville has put on the Lego-themed event.

"This year we made it  two sessions because it was so popular last year," said Woodmansee.

She said that the first session sold out and many people came to the second one as well.

"We had a lot of people here. The second one has a little less people, but everyone is having a great time," she said.

Woodmansee said the Marysville Opera House is going good so far this year.

"We're really excited about a busy summer ahead," she said.

Woodmansee wanted to thank sponsors Roy Robinson Subaru, Chevrolet and RV, and Fahlman Property Group who helped support the event this year.

"We couldn't put on great activities if we didn't have great support," she said.

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