For the second year Marysville hosted an evening of activities around the movie ‘The Polar Express’ to help families get in the holiday spirit.

The 'Believe: A Magical Holiday Experience' event was held last year and brought back again this holiday season.

“We show ‘The Polar Express’ but then we’ve kind of built a program around it. They get to meet the conductor, do some movie-themed crafts and have some free movie snacks,” said Joanna Martin, community center supervisor for the city of Marysville and organizer of the event.

The 2004 film ‘The Polar Express’ is a holiday favorite for many children and families and Martin said many locals already have a tradition of watching it each year.

Tara Small said her son loves the film.

“‘The Polar Express’ is one of his favorite movies, so I just thought this would be a fun adventure,” she said.

A city employee dressed as the conductor, a character from the movie, introduces the film for the children.

“Last year we had a miniature train go by right as he was announcing it,” said Martin.

Martin said the event is meant to allow “children to get together with their family and do something memorable.”

Local parent Jeremy Schlegel said it seemed like a good event for the season.

“We just saw it online and thought it would be something fun to do for the holidays,” he said.

“She [Jeremy’s daughter] has no idea about the movie upstairs so she’s going to love it,” he said.

Martin said parents like that it is a simple event.

“Speaking as a mom, it’s an easy event to come to and it’s low stress and low cost,” she said.

The $8 entrance tickets include popcorn and snacks, so it’s something families don’t have to spend a lot on, said Martin.

“The city is very passionate about providing family entertainment opportunities. It’s something you can do with multiple generations and it’s affordable,” she said.

“A lot of times in the holidays you’re scratching for every cent,” she said.

Last year the event sold out so there were two showings held this year. Attendance to the event increased this year as well.

“It is the hope to run it again next year,” said Martin, although the Opera House plans are not “set in stone” yet.

The Marysville City Opera House has been able to host a number of holiday-themed events since the city took it over a couple of years ago.

“I think we’re averaging four to eight events a month and so when we do have a holiday we try to connect with it,” said Martin.

Upcoming events include a Martin Luther King Jr. remembrance event and an event for Valentine’s Day.

“We’re really trying to listen to the public and what they’re wanting,” said Martin.

The second annual Believe event was sponsored this year by Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry.

“They have been an amazing sponsor all year round and have supported multiple events,” said Martin.

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