Ghost, cat and witch costumes were just some of the costumes worn by staff at Downtown Marysville businesses while they gave out candy for their annual Halloween trick-or-treating.  The event is a tradition for many of the business owners.

“It’s been 10 to 15 years we’ve done it,” said Mary Kirkland, owner of Hilton Pharmacy.

“We used to have more of a parade down the sidewalk and they had a head pumpkin and they would lead the kids down,” she said. “Now there’s so many kids we just do it at the sidewalk level.”

It has been something that local families come to year after year as well.

“It’s good, we do it almost every year,” said local parent Joshua Moore.

“It’s friendly and it’s a way to promote the businesses around here. I always shop around here and I stopped by the Dutch bakery tonight,” he said.

Local parent Noah Rui said he has brought his family down a few times as well.

“It’s pretty fun. We’ve come down here a couple of times and it’s kind of like a tradition now,” he said.

“The kids enjoy it, so that’s why we’re down here,” he added.

The Downtown Marysville Merchants Association puts the event on to support the community and local families.

“It’s some place they can go with one location where they know it’s going to be a safe place. It’s on a sidewalk and they don’t have to cross the street,” said Kirkland.

“Usually we do it early so people can get home before 6 p.m.,” she said.

Local business owners also appreciated seeing the parents and the kids and their costumes.

“It’s really super to see the kids. They’re all so polite and nice, they’re not just grab and go,” said Kirkland.

Wrenhaven Vintage Market owner Lorene Wren also said that the children are always very nice at the downtown trick-or-treating.

“The kids are really well-mannered, which is why when I see them take one [piece of candy] I say ‘okay take two, okay take a handful,’” she said.

“We really live in a nice area and the people are fun,” said Wren.

Business owners also said they enjoyed seeing all of the costumes each year.

“I like the kids and the costumes, and just how fun it is,” said Wren.

Kirkland said she learns a lot about what characters are popular with children each year.

“They usually have some really darling costumes that come through,” she said. “I like learning all these new characters. I see little characters that I don’t really know, so I learned a lot today."

More information about the Downtown Marysville Merchants Association and their events is available on their Facebook page at

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