Contractor crews begin to build scaffolding around the Marysville water tower as part of maintenance for the structure on Oct. 14.


Work has begun on the Marysville water tower to put on a new protective coating to keep it maintained for the next couple of decades.

The city stopped using the tower in the late 1980s but is still responsible for periodic maintenance of the structure.

“This is a water asset that needs to be maintained for safety,” said Karen Latimer, Marysville’s director of public works services and utilities.

The tower will be 100 years old on Nov. 17 this year.

“It is a historic aspect of the community,” which has often served as the “face” of the city, said Latimer.

The water tower is receiving maintenance now because its current protective outer layer is reaching the end of its life.

“We’re starting to see the deterioration and other signs that indicate failure,” said Latimer.

The Marysville City Council directed staff to preserve the tower in 2020. Repairs were made to the catwalk last year and the maintenance this year will be paid for by the city. The contract came in at about $492,000.

Contractor crews are planning to take off the existing outer layer by blasting it down to the bare steel.

“They will repair any area that has corrosion, which we expect will be minimal,” said Latimer.

Afterward they plan to apply a new protective coating.

Other improvements are planned, including an electrical outlet at the top of the catwalk meant to help with the holiday lights put on the tower, a hatch to inspect the interior and some safety harness connectors to help staff safety.

The work is expected to take about 56 days.

“They’re constructing a scaffolding structure for the entire area,” said Latimer. 

The blasting and painting work involve some hazardous chemicals so the work will be fully contained at the site.

Continuous air monitoring at the perimeter will also be done for public safety.

“A couple of inspectors will be keeping an eye on the project,”said Latimer.

Street parking on 6th Street will be closed during the work, while building access will remain open.

The Comeford Park playground west of the tower will also be closed during some parts of the process.

The new coating is expected to last between 25 to 30 years.

“It will be two-tone colors which should help make it look pretty sharp,” said Latimer.

The painting will be a “cool gray” and a “dark forest green” to match the city of Marysville’s new logo.

The new logo will also be shown on two sides of the tower.

“That should make it a new attractive addition to the civic campus area,” said Latimer.

Once the maintenance work is done the city may have a belated celebration for the centennial anniversary of the tower, said Latimer.

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