Jake Borduy, right, watches as Gracie Borduy tries on a hat for sale at the All Marysville Garage Sale on Aug. 20.


Community members brought out their household treasures for the annual All Marysville Garage Sale held from Aug. 19 to 21.

The event gathers together numerous garage sales in the Marysville community into one weekend to bring people into the town.

“I’ve been out and about and saw sales being set up now,” said William Frankhouser, organizer for the event.

Inclement weather stalled the start for many of the sales this year.

“We had some rain to kick off the event and some garage sales had to delay setting up for a bit,” said Frankhouser. “It’s much needed rain, but it’s not good for a garage sale.”

After the rain tapered off, better weather came to the area.

“I’ve seen some pretty good crowds coming out already,” said Frankhouser.

This year featured 80 garage sales as part of the event, surpassing last year’s total of 76.

“We had a lot of last minute sign-ups as we usually do,” said Frankhouser. “Hopefully we can get back up over 100 next year again.”

The first couple years of the event before the pandemic were able to attract more sales and Frankhouser is building the event back up.

With the many sales, people are able to come out and meet with other Marysville residents.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out into the community and meet your neighbors,” said Frankhouser.

The event also typically attracts a number of people to come to Marysville as it's a garage sale event on the calendar between north Everett’s Mother of All Garage Sales and the Gleneagle’s community garage sale.

Shoppers also enjoy the variety of items they are able to find at the event.

“It brings people into the community to find treasures,” said Frankhouser, who added his kids have been looking to expand their collection of PEZ dispensers and dolls.

Local parent Jake Borduy said he saw the signs for the event and decided to walk around for the day.

“It’s pretty nice and it’s convenient being so close, and it gives families a good reason to get out and enjoy the good weather,” he said.

This year the Cascade Catholic Reform Church was also able to host a number of other sales for the community, as well as having their own giveaway, on Saturday, Aug. 20.

This is the fourth year the local church has provided free items during the All Marysville Garage Sale.

“We were inspired by the Buy Nothing project when we were cleaning out our church and realized we had a lot of stuff that could be of use to people,” said Amy Kass, a volunteer at the church. “We had a blast doing that and met so many neighbors that didn’t even know that our church was here."

The church members enjoy getting out for the event.

“Even through COVID, it’s just been a nice outdoor event to participate in,” she said.

They plan to continue giving away items for free during the event “as long as our church members continue to have stuff to donate,” said Kass.

In addition, this is the first year the church has been able to provide space for others to sell their items.

“We hope that next year we will have even more of them here,” said Kass.

That has been something that some community members were asking about before this year.

“For example, there are people who aren’t able to hold a garage sale because they live in an apartment complex and it would go against the apartment policies,” said Frankhouser.

He said it was good to see that support this year for those who needed it.

More information about the annual garage sale event is available at


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