Marysville-Pilchuck High School NJROTC members carry the flags into Cascade Elementary’s Veterans Day assembly on Nov. 9.


Marysville’s Cascade Elementary School invited veteran parents and grandparents to their gym for their annual Veterans Day assembly to recognize the sacrifice and  of military members.

The school held their assembly on Nov. 9.

“Today is a real special and we’re here to honor some very special people,” said Cascade Elementary assistant principal Lisa Kleven.

“Veterans Day is our time to pay our respects to those who have served,” she said.

The federal holiday began as a celebration of the end of hostilities of World War I.

“This holiday started as a day to reflect on those that have died in service and was originally called Armistice Day,” said Kleven.

“The day fell on Nov. 11 because that was the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, the agreement that ended World War I,” she said.

During Cascade’s assembly the staff and students welcome parents or grandparents who have served in the military.

“About a month before we send out a little invite that we’re having this and we’d love to have you come,” said Kleven.

They also welcome those veterans to a gathering after the assembly.

“There’s a reception in the library right now for them to have treats with their children or grandchildren,” said Kleven.

Kleven said it’s good to recognize those who have served.

“A lot of our students have parents and grandparents that were in the military so it’s special just to honor them for the sacrifices that they make,” she said.

“It’s personal for me too because my husband was in the Navy for 10 years before I knew him, so I understand the sacrifices they make because of his personal story,” she said.

The assembly also featured many songs from the school’s choir.

“Our kids have been learning lots about the armed forces,” said Cascade Elementary music teacher Karen Rentko.

“One of the things they learned is that when veterans deploy, wherever they go, they leave their families,” she said.

The school’s choir led all of the students in singing some songs to honor the returning of veterans from war.

Students at Cascade also helped carry military flags to represent the different branches.

“This is the first year we have brought out the military branch flags that I’ve been here,” said Kleven. “So that was a really nice addition.”

Kleven said overall this year’s assembly went pretty well.

“We had a few glitches, but most assemblies do, so I think this assembly went well,” she said.

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