Arlington Drag Strip Reunion and Car Show attendees Gary Gilfilen, left, and Tim Knibbe talk about Gilfilen's truck at the show on Sept. 7.


Dragsters and other cars were displayed at the Arlington Airport Field as part of the annual Drag Strip Reunion and Car Show on Sept. 7.

The 16th year of the show brought people down to look and talk about cars.

"It's going great and it's not raining," said Bill Kinney, one of the main organizers of the event. "We're getting close to 500 cars now."

Many of the cars at the show participated in the races that were held at the Arlington Airport in the '60s.

"I love the history part," said Kinney.

Because of that the show has a lot of dragsters and racing cars, in addition to the standard variety of cars.

"People like the mix of race cars and every other car. You can't go to a regular show and see the drag cars. Throughout the day they'll fire them up and you can smell the nitro methane," said Kinney.

Many people come down because they are car enthusiasts.

"So far I love it. We're from Bellingham and we decided to come down and check this one out," said attendee Don Ligocki.

He said he has cars from 1961, 1962 and 1963.

"I only need one more to complete the early '60s," he said.

Attendee Kim Thornadtsson said she has loved cars since she was a teenager.

"I had a Chevy '63 when I was in my twenties, an Impala Super Sport. Loved it, but life got in the way and it had to go," she said. 

"My poor husband had to listen to the sad story of the lost '63, so for my 63rd birthday he bought me one."

Attendee Gary Gilfilen said he enjoys coming to the Arlington show.

""I think it's a great car show … I've been showing cars since I was 19, a little over 40 years," he said.

"You get to talk to the nice people and I get to tell the same story many times," he said.

This year featured a memorial ceremony for frequent car show participant Jim Green.

"His granddaughter is going to ride in with his car. They're going to push it through the crowd," said Kinney.

The event is run by volunteers and is meant as a fundraiser for local organizations.

"Nobody keeps any money off this. Obviously there's a few expenses, such as renting the field," said Kinney.

Kinney started the event as way to help the local Arlington Boys & Girls Club.

"I started it 16 years ago with Jim Howell, who left us a couple of years ago, as a fundraiser for the Arlington Boys & Girls Club. We're getting close to $150,000 we've donated to the club and other charities throughout the years," he said.

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