The Marysville-Pilchuck High School drama department will present Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for their spring musical this April and May.

“This is the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast from Disney converted to a Broadway production,” said Victoria Steward, who is playing Belle in the production.

Many of the students said they enjoy stepping into roles they knew from childhood.

“I watched Beauty and the Beast as a kid so now to be able to step on stage and be Belle is wonderful,” said Steward.

“It’s tough and a little bit scary, because like with any famous story everyone knows it and has a straight idea about it. You worry that if you don’t get it right they may not like it,” said Morgan Reed, a Marysville student who is playing Beast.

Assistant director Ashlyn Stoker said she enjoyed being able to bring the play to the M-PHS stage.

“It’s really amazing being able to watch something I grew up watching and being such a large part of bringing it to life, especially on the 25th anniversary,” she said.

Stoker said that this is the first Disney show that she’s help direct, which has presented a unique set of challenges.

“Disney is very meticulous in the way that they want their characters to be portrayed,” she said.

“It’s a balance of helping the kids find little things they can add to their own character while staying true to the original Disney tale,” she said.

Many of the students enjoyed getting into their characters.

“Compared to the film, he’s a lot more humorous in what he does instead of just being cocky. He’s a lot more flashy,” said Rylee Worth, who plays Gaston.

Reed said it has been a challenge getting into the mindset of the Beast.

“My favorite part is trying to get into his emotional state to get better into the character when I’m on stage,” he said.

Students said that there will be a lot to enjoy with the musical, and many of the classic Disney numbers are part of the show.

“The music is phenomenal. I think that’s why it became so well-known in the first place,” said Reed.

There are some additional dance sections of the play as well.

“It’s a little different from the cartoon, there’s a few more dance numbers,” said Stoker.

“Our choreographer took a long time to get them right and they look really good,” said Worth.

Students involved with the play also said they enjoyed being part of the drama department at the school.

“It’s my first play at M-P, but my seventh play total and it’s been super fun and everybody is really supportive about helping each other’s characters,” said Worth.

“Being around everybody all the time is awesome. I love this group and it’s so much fun,” said Reed.

The play begins showing on April 25, 26 and 27 and continues May 2, 3 and 4 at 7 p.m. at the M-PHS auditorium. In addition there is a matinee on May 4 at noon.

Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for students and seniors and $5 for children five years of age and younger.

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