Arlington School District paraeducator Bekki Bolopue, left, and Arlington High School student Mia Cuertin set up cameras to film an Arlington High School tennis match on March 11.


The Arlington School District hopes to broadcast its home sports games online at Eagle News Media for community members who want to watch the local high school sports.

The high school’s journalism production program will livestream home games on their YouTube channel. A link to that channel is available at

“We have livestreams up that we are doing for all of our sports at all levels,” said Tom Roys, athletic director for Arlington High School.

“We haven’t missed an event so far,” he said, although there have been some bumps along the road.

“We’re still working out some of the bugs from the system though,” said Roys.

Students and staff worked to get the broadcast program up quickly after Wesco decided against having spectators in the stands for school sports.

“With the Wesco policy of having no spectators we wanted to work on an opportunity for our families to have the ability to watch their children participate however we could,” said Roys.

Students said they were happy to be able to be a part of a broadcast team.

“I was pretty excited to know because there is not a lot of people doing this,” said Arlington High School student Mia Cuertin.

She said she was glad “to have this opportunity, especially as a freshman.”

Student Carson Rasmussen said there was a lot of pressure for his first game he is helping to broadcast.

“I was nervous. It’s my responsibility to make sure that parents and families get their chance to see the game, but now that I’m here, it’s not as hard as it seemed,” he said.

Arlington High School has never tried to record or broadcast their games before.

“This is a result of the global pandemic,” said Roys. “We had to figure out a way quickly to give the parents a way to watch their kids participate."

So far, the parents and community members said they are glad to have some opportunity to view the sports, said Roys.

“We’ve had really positive community feedback just for the having the opportunity to watch their kids play in the games,” he said. “The community would rather be here in-person but I think they’re thankful that they at least have this."

Roys said coaches and student athletes are also hopeful fans will be able to return eventually, as it makes for a better game environment.

“We look forward to the time we can welcome our families back into the stadiums,” he said. “We can’t wait for them to come back."

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