Boy Scouts with Troop 29 helped to put up more than 400 flags at the Arlington Cemetery to recognize this year’s Memorial Day.

Every year (except last year) the Scouts and other community members get up early in the morning to put up flags around the walkways of the local cemetery to honor those who passed away while in military service.

“We’re just paying respect for those that have fought for our freedom to be able to do this,” said Gregory Vaughn, a parent with Arlington’s Boys Scouts of America Troop 92.

“It’s important to remember the fallen and it’s teaching these young boys to be young men and serve their community and country,” said Bob Beam, scoutmaster for the troop.

Beam said the scouts enjoy getting together for a project.

“They like the camaraderie, just being together and having fun getting all of the holes dug out,” he said.

Scouts said they enjoyed getting out and doing something for their community.

“It’s a good thing to do,” said Troop 92 Scout Daniel Dunn.

“I wanted to come out just to be a part of the scout troop and help out the community,” said Troop 92 Scout Carson Raz.

Many of the volunteers who came out during Memorial Day had family who were veterans or who are currently in the military.

“We have family that served so it’s important to us to get these flags up,” said parent Nicole Donohue.

For the Boy Scout troop the work actually begins before Memorial Day though.

“One of the things we did back in April during our normal meeting time is that we came down here and cleaned all of the holes that the flagpoles go into,” said Beam.

That was more work for this year’s Memorial Day though.

“This year was a little different because we didn’t do anything in 2020 because of COVID, so it took a little longer to clean out all of the flag holes,” said Beam.

The dirt had accumulated and the grass had grown more than in a typical year.

“You can see every few feet there’s a flag hole, and we literally had to dig some of these out because they were two or three feet deep,” said Beam.

The event helps teach kids about community service and is a way to give back to the Arlington American Legion as well, which also helped organize putting up the flags.

“We’re going to put the flags up for the American Legion,” said Vaughn.

“The American Legion charters Troop 92 and Pack 92, so in return we come out and help do this,” he said.


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