Families were roasting marshmallows on Arlington's Olympic Avenue as part of the Hometown Holidays Kickoff on Nov. 30.

Many locals came downtown for the evening event filled with holiday activities and where many businesses stayed opened late into the evening.

"This is our annual Shop Small Saturday and kicking off of the Christmas season," said Lisa Cisneros, president of the Downtown Arlington Business Association, who helped to organize the event.

"We just want there to be more festivities, more community involvement. It's been really nice and really fun," said Cisneros.

She said the event was going well with a big crowd this year.

Many families enjoyed having a local holiday event to go to after Thanksgiving.

"I think it's awesome. It's a great time. We live not too far away so to walk into town and experience this is kind of cool," said local parent Mark Lilgreen.

"I like pretty much everything. The little marshmallow roasting pits and the whole atmosphere down here," he said.

There were a variety of things to do for families.

"I think it's great. We just watched the tree lighting and it's been a lot of fun so far," said local parent Karlee Davidson.

Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert helped light the large tree at Legion Park for the holidays, as well as the trees along Olympic Avenue, which is a new addition for this year.

"Thanks to the volunteers from Lifeway Church who decorated our Christmas trees this year," said Tolbert.

Cisneros said families liked the holiday activities along the downtown.

"They like all of the things to look at. The tree lighting and the fire pits and I'm hearing positive things about the lit cars that we have this year," she said.

Cars decorated with Christmas lights parked along the street were a new addition this year.

"There are fire pits out there and some Frozen characters walking around. There is something called Pieceful Puzzles at the Arlington City Hall," said Lifeway Church pastor Chad Blood.

The Pieceful Puzzles benefitted Arlington Kids' Kloset.

Arlington High School's Flight and Aerie choirs also provided some music throughout the evening at the event.

Cisneros wanted to thank all of the community members who came out for the event.

"I enjoy seeing everyone coming out," she said.

"I like hearing everybody talk about what they liked about this year or what they want to see next year. Public feedback is always welcome," she said.

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