Trick-or-treating, costume contest, the pumpkin roll and more fun events returned to downtown Arlington on Oct. 26

Children trick-or-treated at downtown businesses and rolled pumpkins down the Third Street hill as part of Arlington's annual Hometown Halloween celebration.

The event is put on by the city and multiple local organizations every year to provide a Halloween celebration in the downtown area.

This year's Hometown Halloween was held on Oct. 26.

Families said they enjoyed the downtown festivities.

"It's just fun to see everyone in the Halloween spirit," said local parent Sherri Ballew.

Many said that they come down every year to the event.

"We have a great time every year," said local parent Ben Ballew.

"I think it's great, we come here every year," said local parent Matt Washburn.

Washburn said it was a good way to see the community and spend time downtown.

"We like the community involvement, you see a lot of people you know. You get to hang out downtown and I think the city has done a great job with the park," he said.

Staff at many of the businesses along Olympic Avenue dress up and hand out candy as part of the event.

Roger Braaten, whose sister owns downtown business Gooder 'n Chicken, helped out this year to hand out candy to kids.

"Arlington is a great town," he said. "It's a great thing to see the kids in a safe area."

Third Street is closed off for about an hour for kids to roll pumpkins down the hill in a pumpkin race.

Biringer's Black Crow Pumpkins donated the pumpkins this year and the Stilly Valley Youth Dynamics helped organize the event.

"The pumpkin roll was great this year. A ton of kids came out and Calvary Arlington helped us," said Jessica Ronhaar, executive director of Stilly Valley Youth Dynamics.

"We had a bunch of heats and kids had a great time," she said.

She said kids love the opportunity to use the hill to roll down pumpkins and the event is fun to put on.

"Youth Dynamics gets to do things to help other people and it's just fun," she said. "I love the pumpkin roll because families have a great time and it really brings our community together."

At Legion Park the Arlington Arts Council also holds a costume contest each year.

"We like to take the opportunity to reward creativity," said Sarah Arney, president of the Arlington Arts Council.

She said she enjoys the event each year.

"I love Halloween because everyone comes out on the street down here and it's a blast," she said.

Arney also wanted to thank the city for supporting the event.

"Thanks to the city and Sarah Lopez [Arlington's community revitalization project manager] for organizing these things," she said.

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