Arlington High School’s Flight jazz choir performed with holiday spirit during their annual Christmas Spectacular on Dec. 14 and 15.

The Byrnes Performing Arts Center hosted the choir which sang winter classics like “Carol of the Bells,” “White Christmas” and “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”

They also added newer songs like “Text Me Merry Christmas.”

“We are putting on our Christmas Spectacular. It’s from our Flight jazz choir and it’s a fundraiser to help us go to a jazz competition in California this spring,” said Heidi Forslund, Arlington High School’s choir director.

“The kids are phenomenal and they have put so much hard work into this, and I’m really proud of them,” she said.

The Flight choir works on the show throughout the fall.

“We start at the very beginning of the year getting our songs ready and pulling together some duets and trios, and putting together some big numbers,” said Forslund.

That’s a lot of holiday cheer for the students when practicing songs.

“Singing Christmas songs for two months straight before Christmas, that’s an experience, but it’s a fun one for sure,” said Mikayla Braaten, Arlington High School student and choir member.

Forslund said that the Flight choir is a group of students that really enjoy making music.

“I just think that the level of commitment from these high schoolers is very special which makes the show very engaging,” she said.

Choir member and Arlington High School student Shiloh Metcalfe said he had never been in a choir with so many talented people.

“It’s fun being in a choir where everybody is advanced and picks everything up so quickly,” he said.

“I like watching everyone else’s songs. I know that most people focus on their own song but I really enjoy seeing everyone else perform from backstage,” he said.

Braaten said that the more experienced choir members have taught her a lot.

“Especially us, as beginners in the choir, you learn a lot from watching,” she said.

Both Metcalfe and Braaten are new to the choir but they said they enjoyed joining up and putting on the holiday show.

“This is my first year with the choir, because I’m a freshman, but this is honestly my favorite part of school,” said Metcalfe.

“It sounds really cheesy but we all like each other. Sometimes in the arts it can get a little bit competitive, but we don’t really have that,” said Braaten.

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