Arlington High School students put on their annual student-led drama production, called ‘Saturday Night Lies’ this year, on Sept. 27 and 28.

This is the fourth year of the event which the students put together.

“Everything you see on stage is 100 percent from the mind’s of Arlington students,” said junior Jake Hurst, one of the actors in this year’s production.

Students stepped into new roles to help lead the show.

Senior Annabelle Copenhaver was this year’s director and said it was an interesting experience figuring out all the behind-the-scenes details.

“It’s been a learning experience for me to not only be an actor but also to be in that role,” she said.

Being student-led also meant a different dynamic for a lot of students.

“When we have any staff member directing us we’re having a director-to-actor relationship while this is like a friend-to-friend relationship,” said Hurst.

“There’s not as much of a hierarchy of power,” he said.

There were also a number of new faces for the Arlington High School drama club.

“It’s a pretty small cast,” said Aidan Espinosa, a senior and one of the actors in the show.

“The majority are freshman or new people because we’ve lost a lot of seniors over the last two years,” he said.

Copenhaver said many of the incoming students have embraced the club.

“I like how we’ve had the freshman and newer kids step up and they’ve proving they’re going to be amazing assets to our drama program,” she said.

The show was a mix of comedy sketches and small skits.

“This one is different because it has film, there’s dancing, choreography and a few acts,” said Epinosa.

Hurst said that he enjoyed working films into the show, something that the drama club hasn’t tried before.

“Diving into the aspect of film was really fun to try out,” he said.

The production serves as a fundraiser each year for the drama club’s trip to Oregon that they usually take during spring break.

“This is the only fundraiser that we have for students that can’t afford to pay for it,” said Espinosa.

The show is usually at the beginning of September but was delayed as the students didn’t know if a teacher strike was going to be happening at the time.

Espinosa said that the students used the extra time to make the show better.

They opened on Sept. 27 to a crowd that was bigger than many of the students thought it would be.

“I was not expecting that many people on a Thursday night,” said Hurst, who said they sold around 100 tickets.

Espinosa said that opening night went well.

“It felt good. I was sweating and the audience was laughing along the whole time,” he said. “It was authentic laughter because there were authentic things happening on stage."

Espinosa encourages community members to keep an eye out for the drama club’s upcoming productions. The murder mystery/comedy “The Game’s Afoot” will be their fall play and “Mamma Mia” will be their spring musical.

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