Gov. Jay Inslee on March 30 announced new measures that waive certain statutory and regulatory requirements as part of the state's ongoing response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

Department of Corrections Community Supervision Violators Waiver: This proclamation waives a statutory provision on violators of community supervision that requires an arrest, hearing and potential jail time for individuals after their sixth violation regardless of the seriousness of the violation. By waiving this statute, Corrections officials will have authority to impose sanctions other than arrest and confinement, reducing the population in state and local corrections facilities. In 2020, legislators passed SHB 2417, which changes state law to do what this proclamation purports to do. But SHB 2417 does not become effective until June 11, 2020.

Department of Health Facilities Waiver and Hand Sanitizer Waiver: This proclamation waives requirements for DOH-licensed health care facilities, essentially allowing them to more easily become licensed and begin adding beds and caring for patients. This proclamation also waives statutes that relate to the manufacture and distribution of hand sanitizer, to allow for broader production and distribution of hand sanitizer in Washington.

Department of Social and Health Services Long Term Care Facilities Waiver: This proclamation waives  requirements that will allow DSHS to more easily license long-term care facilities by suspending certain construction review requirements and certificate of need requirements.

Department of Social and Health Services Registered Nursing Assistant Waiver: This proclamation will allow individuals training to become registered nursing assistants in nursing homes to work before they are officially licensed. Currently, nursing homes may utilize registered nursing assistants for up to four months before they are officially licensed, but these registered nursing assistants must eventually complete training and testing that, because of COVID-19, is not being offered as frequently as normal. This waiver will allow these nurses in training to continue supporting nursing homes.

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