You, like most of us, probably made a New Year’s Resolution back in January only to forget about it by now. Or worse yet, you haven’t forgotten, you are just frustrated each day you have not lost the weight, quit smoking or cut down on screen time.

Why don’t resolutions have a good track record of being resolved? Usually it’s because we want too much too soon. We want to lose 50 pounds, or stop smoking even though we have smoked for 10 years. It’s too large of a mountain to climb and we think of it as all or nothing. If we have lost 10 of those 50 pounds we haven’t achieved our goal and therefore feel like we have failed and give up on the rest without giving ourselves credit for what we have achieved.

Many times we will stop and think, is this still worth it? If we take a hard look at that question the answer is an astounding yes! If quitting smoking is our goal, of course it’s still worth it. The better question is, why is this difficult for me right now? Think hard about that one and really dig deep to see why it’s more difficult now, and why you feel your “head isn’t in it” more so than it used to be. Here are a few ways to get your head back in the game.

Make an Advantage List

Rather than thinking of how far you have to go, and how terrible you feel you haven’t hit your goals yet, make a list of all the advantages you will achieve when you hit that goal. And the advantages you will hit along the way. For example, if losing 50 pounds is your goal, what does it look like in your life when you are at that goal. Will you run around outside with your grandson? Attend a county fair and ride your favorite roller coaster? Go on a vacation and not need the seatbelt extender when you get on the airplane? There are so many reasons we can get down on ourselves it’s important to look at what’s to come as you achieve those goals.

Give Credit

Your goal was to lose 50 pounds this year and you have lost 10, that’s something to celebrate. Maybe you used to drink pop or energy drinks daily but now it’s just water, give yourself credit. There are so many small things we overlook when working towards achieving our goals that it’s important to stop and give yourself some credit for those. It’s as simple as making an alert on your phone to pop up giving yourself credit. Bonus points if you set that at a time that is usually difficult in your day.

Stop thinking it’s all or nothing

Just because you aren’t 100% on track doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel and be done with your goal. Progress is progress. The important thing is that you get back on track, or as close to on track as you can, as soon as possible. If you were driving north on I-5 heading home and missed your exit, you wouldn’t say, “Oh well I am off track, I will head to Canada tonight” would you? No way. You would stop, turn around, and get back on track.

Take a few moments today to give yourself credit, reset your mind and reboot your resolutions to end the year strong.

Emily Countryman is a board certified health coach and owner of Ideal Wellness located at 2639 172nd St. NE Suite 104 in Smokey Point/Marysville She can be reached online at For more information go to

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