Windermere broker Jean Cory, left, and sales transaction coordinator Pam Perez grab some soup during a luncheon held at the Marysville Windermere office in support of their annual food drive.


The Marysville Windermere office is collecting donations of food and money again this year for the Marysville Food Bank during October.

The office has held the food drive for about 20 years.

“We are participating in the SCAR food drive, which is the Snohomish County-Camano Association of Realtors,” said Pam Perez, sales transaction coordinator at the Marysville office.

“All real estate offices in those counties are encouraged to participate, not all do and not all Windermere offices do,” she said.

Many real estate offices choose to do something for their community for the holidays and Perez said this is the choice for the local office.

“For this office, this is our thing because we get to say where our donations and food go, which is the Marysville Community Food Bank,” she said.

They are one of the biggest contributors to the food bank, said Perez, and have donated more than 100,000 pounds over the last three years.

“I like how many people we’re feeding,” said Perez.

She said there is a need to help provide food for many in the area as evidenced by the 50 percent free and reduced lunch rate at Marysville schools.

“It is one the highest in our area, it’s quite substantial,” she said.

“There are organizations that are trying to fill those gaps,” such as the district’s summer meals program, said Perez. “And I think the food bank, and the contributions that help them, are also what fills a huge amount of that need.”

The drive does a number of things throughout the month to raise money, including raffling Seahawks tickets and holding donation tables in front of some of the local grocery stores.

“The biggest money-maker is the auction,” said Perez.

They were able to raise around $10,000 from 18 bidders, most of them being agents at the Windermere office.

The office workers there also work with Grocery Outlet to spend the money raised for more food donations.

“The other thing that is unique about what we’re doing is with the monetary donations we can get more pound per dollar ourselves,” said Perez, who said the last trip they averaged about $0.60 per pound.

They work with the food bank to find out what products they need to pick up to donate.

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