Charles Francis, left, Sophie Francis, center, and Marceleo Francis sit inside one of the city of Marysville’s street sweepers at last year's Touch a Truck on Sept. 8, 2018.


Kids will be able to get close to garbage trucks, public works vehicles, buses and other large trucks during the city of Marysville’s annual Touch a Truck event.

The free event will be held on Sept. 14 at Asbery Field, next to Totem Middle School.

It is held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is free for all ages. Pets are not allowed at the event.

The final hour of the event, from noon to 1 p.m., is the quiet hour where no horns will be set off.

“Kids of all ages will be able to get up close to these vehicles, get in the driver’s seat and honk the horn,” said Andrea Kingsford, recreation coordinator with the city of Marysville.

The event is an opportunity for kids to get into the trucks they normally only see from far away.

“So often we see these vehicles working in the city but this is an opportunity to actually get to see them and talk to the workers who drive them everyday,” said Kingsford.

A variety of vehicles are scheduled to come down to the event.

“We are excited to have a lot of our returning trucks and organizations,” said Kingsford.

Those include Marysville School District which plans to bring a school bus and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office who plan to bring one of their vehicles.

“Marysville Police Department will be there with their Bearcat vehicle,” said Kingsford.

A number of trucks from Marysville’s Public Works Department will be out at the event as well, including a street sweeper, a sewer camera truck and one of the city’s garbage trucks. “And that one is normally quite popular,” said Kingsford.

Many locals like the event because they rarely get a chance to see the trucks featured at the event.

“Families love the event because it is so unique,” said Kingsford.

It’s also a good way to usher in September and the end of summer break, she said.

“It’s a great start to the school year.”

Games for kids are also available at the event and a number of volunteer organizations help run Touch a Truck.

“We have other organizations there such as Camp Fire, the Cub Scouts and Kiwanis, and they all help make the event fun,” said Kingsford.

“We will have the Rotary train driving people around the field and families always like that,” said Kingsford.

The event is free but attendees are encouraged to bring a donation for the Marysville Community Food Bank which will be there as well.

Kingsford wanted to thank all the organizations that support the event or bring their trucks for the kids to see.

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