Marilyn Wilm, left, purchases an item from Tulalip Swap Meet vendor Randy Giddens during the grand opening day for the event on April 24.


The Tulalip Swap Meet held their grand opening at their new location near the old Quil Ceda Creek Casino on April 24.

The new site for the swap meet is at 6410 33rd Ave. NE, Tulalip, in the northern parking lot for the previous casino building.

“The opening with the rain was unfortunate, but we still had about 500 shoppers stop by and 30 vendors showing up even in the rain,” said Terry Nielsen, one of the organizers of the swap meet. “We’re hoping for a better day tomorrow."

The swap meet used to be located at Boom City, however this year the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management is using that site to distribute the COVID-19 virus vaccine.

“People liked the new location. Because there wasn’t any gravel, they said it was easier to get around easier and it was just nicer to walk around in,” said Nielsen. “I’m surprised I haven’t heard any negativity yet, knock on wood."

Vendor Randy Giddens said the first day was slow, likely because of rain.

“That’s an unfair question right now because of the weather, but it looks like if they fill this location up it’s going to be good,” he said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Organizers of the swap meet hope that the new site can be a permanent location, although that will likely depend on what the Tulalip Tribes decide to do with the old Quil Ceda Creek Casino facility.

There are a variety of vendors that come to the swap meet selling jewelry, crafts, kitchenware and other items.

“There’s anything from A to Z. You can find anything you’re looking for,” said Nielsen.

She said people enjoy coming down to see what they discover at the swap meet.

“They love finding old treasures and new finds,” she said.

Marilyn Wilm was in the area from Shelton and said she enjoys shopping through swap meet.

“We just decided to do a little shopping,” she said. “I love swap meets, I wish they would have more down in my home [in Shelton]."

The swap meet was open for the summer season last year and Nielsen said people are still looking for safe ways to get outside now.

“People love the outdoors, especially right now after a pandemic,” she said. “Just being in an open air market I think is more comfortable for a lot of people."

This season is the 10-year anniversary for the swap meet and organizers are planning for music and other additions to celebrate.

“They did live music today and it went really well,” said Nielsen.

The Tulalip Swap Meet is scheduled to be open every Saturday and Sunday for the spring and summer seasons.

More updates and information about the Tulalip Swap Meet are available on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/boomcityswapmeet.


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