Lauren Hammond, owner of Hammond Bread Co., at her pop-up shop at the Stilly Valley Collective on Feb. 14.


The Stilly Valley Collective hosted a pop-up bakery shop for Valentine’s Day to provide locals with cinnamon rolls, cookies and other sweets.

The Hammond Bread Co. is a local Arlington bakery without a storefront or permanent location.

The Stilly Valley Collective is the new downtown location of the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce which they are using to host local businesses who need a better way to get out in the community.

The building is located at 103 E. 3rd St., Arlington.

For Lauren Hammond, owner of Hammond Bread Co., it was a good location to provide Valentine’s Day sweets to the community.

“It’s been super busy,” she said, “I said I would be here from noon to 6 p.m., and we’re pretty much sold out of everything already [at about 2 p.m.].”

Hammond sold a few different types of bakery items during the day, including cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and ‘make-your-own-cookie kits’ that included cookies and various decorations like frosting.

This is the second time at the Stilly Valley Collective for Hammond who said she didn’t expect her Valentine’s Day to be as busy.

“I did one during the Eagle Festival as well, and it wasn’t quite as busy. My husband was standing on the corner getting people to come down,” she said.

“Whereas today, I think everyone is out looking for a Valentine’s sweet so people have been coming steadily without any help,” she said.

There were also a good deal of online orders that people came to pick up throughout the day, said Hammond.

The Hammond Bread Co. began about a year ago in Arlington when Hammond was working to raise money.

“It started out as a little fundraiser my girls and I did to raise money for youth cheer,” she said. “We’d make the bread together and they would deliver it and do a little jingle."

She enjoyed the fundraiser and the items were popular enough that she decided to get her cottage license to work out of her home and continue making bakery items.

Hammond usually makes deliveries as part of her business.

“My normal business is to take orders online and deliver in Arlington, which I do every Friday, and I like, but that is a lot of driving around,” she said.

Being able to do a pop-up shop, like at the Arlington Farmers Market or her Valentine’s Day shop, allows her to have an easier time reaching customers.

“This is nice because I get to sit and chit chat, and make new friends with the customers,” she said.

More information about the local bakery is available at hammondbread.com. More information about the Stilly Valley Collective is available at stillyvalleychamber.com.

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