The Stillaguamish Senior Center offers many types of medical equipment for free as part of their Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program.

The program provides locals with wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, shower seats, canes, shower/toilet safety bars and/or undergarments for incontinence.

“We just have a variety of stuff that we will lend them. All we ask that they bring it back when they’re done clean and in good condition,” said Marilyn Enright, outreach and wellness coordinator with the Stillaguamish Senior Center.

The program helps those on limited incomes who may not be able to spend more money on medical equipment after hospital bills.

“We have an awful lot of people who need equipment for a short period of time and aren’t in a position to buy it or rent it,” said Enright. “It helps people who need equipment that they are not able to afford,."

Locals can come in to receive equipment that can assist them during a recovery.

“Oftentimes someone may need the equipment for a short period of time because they’re recovering from a procedure or surgery,” said Enright.

Other times the equipment can also help if locals have elderly parents that are coming to visit them for a short period of time as well.

“Sometimes, especially around the holidays, people might have relatives come to town and they need a shower chair or a shower bench just to use for a few weeks,” said Enright. 

Those types of items can be difficult to travel with on an airplane, she said.

“This is a program that has been going here for a while and people are really glad that it is here,” said Enright.

The medical loan program is kept alive with donations of equipment from community members and organizations.

“People appreciate being able to donate the equipment,” said Enright. 

“A lot of times our donations come from loved ones who have been caring for a relative at home and that person dies, so they bring in the equipment,” she said.

The program cannot accept all types of equipment, and individuals are encouraged to call ahead of time.

“Please call so that we can have a conversation about whether we have room right now and if we can accept it,” said Enright.

The center’s number is 360-653-4551. Ask for Carol or Marilyn. They work from Tuesday to Thursdays on most weeks.

Because the center is limited on storage space they also do not have heavy-duty equipment like beds or power wheelchairs.

Enright said that the MSHH Donor Closet, which has locations in Edmonds and Tacoma, is a good option for anybody looking for those bigger items that the center  does not carry.

“They have things that are way more expensive and we wouldn’t even have the room to store them,” said Enright.

More information about the Stillaguamish Senior Center is available at and more information about the MSHH Donor Closet is available at

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