Local Sharron Nelson, right, talks with Hazel Borden, Alzheimer’s Association Community Outreach Coordinator, at the Stillaguamish Senior Center’s health fair on March 27.


Local seniors got to connect with resources and programs at the Stillaguamish Senior Center’s annual Health Fair on March 27

Many organizations come to the fair to help inform seniors and their family members about opportunities and programs that can help with a variety of issues.

“We like to have a resource fair at least once a year because we don’t have all the information housed right here that our clients and the people who come here for recreation need,” said Marilyn Enright, outreach and wellness coordinator with the Stillaguamish Senior Center.

Different nonprofit organizations and healthcare agencies come to the center to help connect with people.

“We have a wide variety of health practitioners here, whether that be healthcare, exercise, personal or financial matters. Just a whole lot of different topics covered,” said Enright.

Seniors get to learn about programs they may not have realized were available as well.

“It brings a lot of information to them that they might have not even sought out or known to go looking for,” said Enright.

Local Sharron Nelson, who knows a few people in her family with Alzheimer’s, said that the event was helpful.

“It’s wonderful. I hadn’t been to one of these before but it seems like they have a very good turnout of vendors,” she said.

Health fairs give organizations a chance to connect with people in the community as well, said Hazel Borden, Alzheimer’s Association Community Outreach Coordinator.

“Sometimes people don’t know where to turn to for programs and services, so these health fairs really put us front and center without people having to dig through the internet,” she said.

The Stillaguamish Senior Center’s fair is also convenient for people, said Enright.

“When we invite a bunch of vendors to come, it becomes a one-stop shop and they will sometimes make a connection with a vendor they had no idea about that could benefit them or their family,” she said.

“It happens right in their neighborhood at a time that they will be more available. It’s brought close to them so they don’t have to travel,” she said.

Enright wanted to thank all of the vendors who help with the event.

“We’re very appreciative of our vendors for coming and bringing the information and little gift items to our fair to make it fun,” she said.

More information about events at the Stillaguamish Senior Center are available at

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